The Perfect Choice of Equipment for Your French Dog

You’re seeking for your French bulldog’s greatest equipment? And you would want to know which one is best for your dog between the leash collar and the harness? Which is the best for your French dog? Collar or harness: Which of them? In reality, you must research the advantages and disadvantages of every piece of equipment that we recommend together:


You may attach the leash on your Frenchie Dog collar in conventional fashion. It is good for young puppies (up to 6-7 months), as their bones don’t form completely. It can be used for mature dogs as well. You can connect a leash to it more easily, especially if your dog dislikes to be tethered. Collars might be a wonderful option with stress reduction. Thus, while pulling when the pressure is at the base of the muzzle, the bracelet is not turned on the dog’s head.


You may attach the leash to the back of your dog. Unlike the collar, a harness doesn’t tug on his throat when the dog pulls. This is more convenient than a collar for a dog who sniffs a lot on the ground. Also, it is unquestionably less risky for a dog that will shoot with all its strength while darting. The pressure is really applied on the chest, if there is pressure.

The harness is indicated for dogs with or who may develop a problem with trachea, especially dogs with a short muzzle (such as the French bulldog). Because of the respiratory problems, it may be better suitable for bulldogs.

Harnesses Can Have Limitations:

Certain harnesses are not simple to adjust: slide or rub on the body of a dog, which may lead to discomfort. Some harnesses are not adjusted to animal shape and hamper the mobility of the dog while using a strap and walk sideways. If for a collar or a harness you must be able to simply slide your palm flat beneath the strap to determine if it is appropriately fitted.

The X Back Harnesses

These French Bulldog Harnesses are specifically used for traction harnesses. You’ll have to get that kind of harness if you want to practice an activity like dog sports like sleighing, canine scooters, canine-mountain biking, etc. These harnesses are recognizable because they form an X and attach at the level of the rump. They therefore make it possible to distribute the traction over the entire body of the dog.

From What Age to Put On a Harness

Overall, it is possible to put a harness on your dog as soon as you adopt it, at 8 weeks old. It is also recommended that you get used to the harness and collar early in order to make this learning easy, positive and effective.