Chinese Tuition Centre In Singapore: Online vs Offline

A Chinese tuition centre in Singapore is your go-to place if you want to learn proper Chinese fast. But with technology, many freelance tutors offer Chinese lessons online as an alternative to tuition centres. Hence, tuition centres have been encouraged to adapt, introducing online class settings for O level Chinese tuition.

But one question remains; which is better? Traditional face-to-face classes or online classes?


·        Online class

An online class is more convenient than face-to-face or offline classes. To begin with, the student does not have to go to a physical school. Classes can happen at home, in the office during lunch break, or while you are on a train. As long as you have an internet connection and equipment like a laptop or smartphone, you can attend your classes.

Additionally, if you can’t attend class, you don’t miss the class. Some instructors record the entire session and send the file to the absentees so they can still catch up with the class.

·        Offline class

Offline classes for a Chinese tuition centre in Singapore can be inconvenient. Firstly, you have to go to the facility physically. It means that you need to travel and brave the traffic.

Secondly, physical classes have strict fixed schedules. It is either you attend, or you are absent.


·        Online class

What do people spend on an online class? Firstly, they need an internet connection. They either have Wi-Fi or have remote data subscription.

Secondly, they need their laptop, smartphone, or tablets. Some people already have these devices, so it is not a problem.

Thirdly, they pay for the tuition fee. Some centres charge hourly rates while others are package rates.

·        Offline class

What do people spend on an offline class? Firstly, they spend on travel allowance, back and forth.

Secondly, they may need a food allowance, although this is optional. Some bring their snacks from home, while others buy them outside.

Thirdly, modules and printouts. Some tuition centres require books, such as a Chinese composition book, modules, and test printouts. The cost of these supplies is already included in the tuition fee.

Lastly, they pay tuition fees. It can be an hourly rate or a package rate.


·        Online class

The online class is as effective as an offline class as long as the tuition centre is reputable and credible.

·        Offline class

Face-to-face classes are indeed still an effective method of teaching. Just make sure you choose the right tuition centre.

In this article, we can deduce that offline class has the upper hand. Online classes are more convenient and cost-effective. But in terms of quality, both online and offline are the same.

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