How Do Eyelash Serums Work?

The beauty industry is more successful than ever today. Every day, new fashion trends emerge. It was a nice trend when makeup artists frequently applied thick, dramatic false lashes to models or actors in the past. Now, it’s common to see regular individuals sporting false lashes. The preference for a more natural appearance among models […]


MySQL to PostgreSQL Migration via Pgloader

Database migration between different DBMS is requires a lot of time and efforts especially when they are such powerful and complicated as MySQL and PostgreSQL. This article explores approaches to database migration from MySQL to PostgreSQL. Some forks of MySQL (for example MariaDB v10.2) can export database into PostgreSQL compatible script. This is the most […]

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Most Clever Loft House Design Ideas To Steal

A loft house is a comfortable space for various reasons; starting from spacious layouts to high ceilings. However, these are the same attractive features which make it a difficult job for the residents to figure out their privacy. It is equally difficult to ensure a visual flow in loft houses. Simple decoration ideas don’t suffice […]

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Look What’s Waiting For You—A Traditional Oriental Rug With Its Mesmerizing Features

Putting an oriental rug in your home is a great idea if you want to add real elegance to your space. Their unique and-knotted appearance makes them stand out from other types. They have been a symbol of wealth and status for years. Available in a broad range of designs and colors, it’s very easy […]


The Success Story and More of Christian Espinosa

Christian Espinosa, serves as its CEO of Alpine Security. In addition to the work he does as a cybersecurity expert, he is also a qualified high-performance speaker, coach, and heavy metal and spicy food aficionado. Furthermore, he has completed the Ironman race and served in the Air Force. He used to put a lot of […]