Process Of Injecting Lip Fillers In Detail

Lip filler injections are one of the most prominent cosmetic procedures that can help you improve the shape and fullness of your lips. It is a quick and minimally invasive treatment. But you need to understand the process of injecting lip fillers to be fully aware (การ ฉีด ฟิ ล เลอ ร์ ปาก, which is the term in Thai).

Consultation And Planning

Before you go for lip filler injections, you need to go for a consultation with a qualified Dr. during this, they will discuss your objectives and expectations for the procedure. The provider will also examine your condition, consider the facial features, and recommend a treatment plan customized to the specific requirements. You can also have an opportunity to ask some questions if you have any.

You do not need to go through any preparation on the day of your procedure. It is a good idea to arrive on time, and you should always arrive with clear skin. It means that you should not wear any makeup on your lips. The expert might apply a numbing cream to reduce potential discomfort.

The Process Of Injecting Lip Fillers

1. Cleaning And Marking

The expert will cleanse your lips and the surrounding area to ensure that they are free from any type of impurities. They might also mark their injection points to guide the process.

2. Local Anesthesia & Injection

In the majority of cases, local anesthesia would be applied to the lips to reduce any discomfort. It takes some time to become really effective. The filler is made from hyaluronic acid. It is injected from the predetermined area using a fine needle or cannula. The expert might massage the lips to distribute the filler evenly.

3. Monitoring

Throughout the procedure, the doctor will understand the results and make adjustments as needed to achieve the desired results.

4. Post Injection Care

After the injections are complete, you might experience some swelling, redness, or bruising; it is pretty normal and usually temporary. You might be advised to avoid stressful physical activity, sun exposure, and some medications to reduce the potential side effects. The provider will give you all the instructions for proper post-treatment care.

Lip fillers are not permanent. It will all depend on the type of filler that is used; the effects can last from just six months to one year. To maintain your desired lip shape and fullness, you might need at least periodic touch-up injections.

Bottom Line

The lip filler injections are basically safe, but like any other medical procedure, they carry some risks, like injection lumps or even allergic reactions. You need to choose a qualified, experienced practitioner and follow the advice for the right results.

You need to know that lip filler injections are a prominent and relatively simple cosmetic procedure for improving your lip volume. Still, when you understand the process in time, you can make the right decision and achieve the desired results while feeling confident about your journey.