Singapore Funeral Services: 5 Factors to Consider

Before scouring Singapore for reliable funeral services, you should consult with your family about funeral arrangements. Having a clear notion of how you will conduct the funeral ceremony should help avoid unexpected costs. Here are five factors to consider when planning a funeral.

#1 Cremation vs Burial

82{47beef4fa453f14f0944959b9bf73fa5db70c22fad4a70ee729750c6b8a1f449} of people prefer cremation due to the burial limit of 15 years. Unless there are compelling religious grounds to the contrary, the bones are then excavated and reburied in smaller plots.

#2 Religious Customs

Religious customs are also a fundamental factor that influences funeral services. Packages differ between a Taoist, Buddhist, Christian or Catholic funeral service in Singapore. You may also be requested to give a small donation or pay a charge for the different prayers and ceremonies performed.

#3 Funeral Venue

Funeral packages do not often include venue rentals. Tentage payments are usually not part of a standard funeral package for Singapore wakes. Given that HDB houses a large portion of the population, most funerals are held in HDB void decks.

#4 Wake Duration

The family must decide the length of the wake. Funerals take heavy influence from religious practices and the desires of the departed and their family. A three-day funeral package in Singapore can cost less than $4,000, while a five-day package can cost close to $8,000.

#5 Added Costs

Typical packages are targeted towards HDB void decks and include embalming, coffin, tent, tables, chairs, lighting, fans, seating, and toilet hire. Refreshments and food often account for a large percentage of the additional expenditures. Most funeral service providers or directors will give you a list of approved vendors. However, you are free to choose other vendors.

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