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Planning To Organize Your Refrigerator This Weekend? You Might Wanna Know Few Things

Adults who organize the refrigerator find peace in keeping their home spick and span. Though refrigerator cleaning is never a priority for adults, as we always think of keeping the mess concealed behind the fridge doors. But it’s time you start giving it a thought. Most refrigerators are packed with expired food items which makes it an unhygienic spot to store food. A lot of times, the refrigerator becomes a storage area where after storing the food we completely forget about it.

Before you go about the refrigerator cleaning, there are a few things that you must know.

While Empty Refrigerator Isn’t Good, An Overfilled Fridge Is Simply Worse

It’s time to declutter your fridge if every time you open the fridge door, things land on the floor by themselves. Declutter plays a paramount role not only when you love hoarding up food, but because stocking up food in the tiniest space inside the refrigerator can lead to the blockage in air vents and bringing down energy efficiency.

Having said that, keeping your fridge isn’t good either. If nothing else, consider storing a couple of water bottles. It is when the bottles are chilled that it helps in preserving the cold temperature of your fridge.

Pre-Cut Fruits and Vegetables Is Not Refrigerator Friendly

The internet out there might have advised you to cut and wash the vegetables/fruits before you store them to promote health-friendly snacking. The fact is, nothing accelerates the damaging process of the fridge than chopped veggies and fruits, since the surface area that is uncovered is more. The pro tip is to wash and chop the veggies/fruits right before consuming them.

Storing Milk in the Refrigerator Door Is just So Wrong

The fridge door is counted as the warmest region along with the top shelf. Milk being more prone to rotting must be stored in the middle shelf of the fridge, as that is the region that has a consistent temperature. You can however store the spices and condiments in the fridge door as they are rich in salt and vinegar. Take advantage of dedicated regions for sandwich and dairy products inside your fridge (if you have any).

Keep Strawberries Away from the Refrigerator

A lot of times you might have come across moldy and mushy strawberries after taking them out from the fridge. But nothing to worry about, as you can always do something to keep them fresh for long. How do you ask? Stop storing them in the fruit drawer and instead use the vegetable crisper to store them.

A lot of food goes into the trash bin annually. And the best way to save this planet from starvation is to ensure what goes inside your refrigerator. Just find out a convenient time to organize your refrigerator (จัด ระเบียบ ตู้ เย็น, which is the term in Thai) and you can find a storage area for pretty much everything.

And trust us when we say this, there will be a lesser buildup of mold inside the fridge. If you can keep your refrigerator hygienic and clean easily when you master the art of organizing it.