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Most Clever Loft House Design Ideas To Steal

A loft house is a comfortable space for various reasons; starting from spacious layouts to high ceilings. However, these are the same attractive features which make it a difficult job for the residents to figure out their privacy. It is equally difficult to ensure a visual flow in loft houses. Simple decoration ideas don’t suffice when it comes to loft houses. This is why we bring to you the most strategic decorating tips to turn your space cosy.

Maintain Neutral Colours At All Costs

A subtle neutral colour layout will ensure a soothing effect on your loft houses. If your kitchen is visible from the main entrance, go for non-distracting materials and choose integrated appliances. You can make use of floating shelves in your loft houses to turn them aesthetically attractive. Adding floating shelves maintains the formal look in the formal regions of your house.

Lighten Up Your Wall

Your raised bedroom comprises of lower ceilings, in case there are high ceilings on your loft’s main floor. Always try to maintain proximity between the ground and your furniture. For safety purposes, you also wouldn’t want to knock a flower vase over. This is the reason, why you can consider overhead lighting. Think of mounting beautiful sconces on the wall for a better effect.

Keep Things Soft

The only way of preventing your spacious loft house (บ้าน ปูน ล อ ฟ ท์, which is the term in Thai) from looking extremely cavernous is by ensuring that you fill it with sheer softness and warmth. Add plush rags followed by rounded objects like arched mirrors and table lamps to turn the space both inviting and cosy. Another way of bringing in softness is by adding indoor plants.

Incorporate Interior Glass

You can maintain the privacy of your bedroom but not at the cost of reducing the loft’s open feel. This is achievable by incorporating interior glass doors. Something as exclusive as French doors can help in height accentuation.

Play And Experiment With Additional Space

Considering a bonus room is always an option if you feel like exposing your loft’s upper deck too much. Add whatever interests you; ping-pong, pool table or even air hockey.

Turn Your Bonus Space Into A Home Office

You can always use the upper space of your loft house as an office workspace. This is because the office workspace feels more compact and quieter than the houses’ bottom level. The space is also perfect for those who are working from home.

All of these ideas should help you to decorate your loft houses and turn them functional and professional. The expert-suggested tips are all fail-proof and can up the aesthetic appeal of your loft house effortlessly.