4 Things You Need When Filing For Divorce In Singapore

Like all legal processes, the divorce procedure in Singapore requires paperwork. You may feel confused when doing so, but you should submit various forms and files to dissolve your marriage legally. But aside from these documents, you will need numerous other things to ensure your divorce’s success.

When undergoing a Singapore divorce process, you should understand the acceptable grounds for marriage dissolution. You should see if you can prove that your relationship with your spouse has irretrievably broken down due to adultery, unreasonable behaviour, desertion, or separation.

Moreover, you will need the following things to ensure that you finally part ways with your partner by filing for divorce in Singapore:

1. A Skilled And Trustworthy Lawyer

While it is true that you can file for divorce in Singapore without seeking help from a legal expert, hiring a lawyer will help you ensure that you are submitting the appropriate documents to the correct office. They will also help you understand the divorce procedure and offer you a shoulder to lean on when things get physically, mentally, and emotionally draining.

2. A Decent Understanding Of The Divorce Process

Even if you hire a lawyer, you should learn about the divorce procedure and understand how it can benefit or put you at a disadvantage. Research the difference between contested and uncontested divorce in Singapore and see which better suits your situation. Moreover, learn everything that can and cannot happen when filing for a marriage dissolution to set realistic expectations about the process.

3. A Consideration For Ancillary Matters

Aside from the types and grounds for divorce in Singapore, understand other aspects of your married life that may concern your marriage dissolution. Consider your child’s care arrangements, property allocation, and debt distribution. If you have an incapacitated spouse, you should also recognise their needs before filing for divorce.

4. A Reliable Support Group

Undergoing divorce in Singapore can be taxing. While your lawyer will be happy to guide and support you throughout the process, you should consider forming a circle of close friends and relatives whom you can talk to as you file for marriage dissolution. They can calm you down when you feel overwhelmed or take you out for dinner and drinks when you want to wind down.

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