How an Event App can Help Your Event from Start to Finish

If you’re planning a corporate event, you may want additional assistance to keep everything organised and running smoothly. Thankfully, technology has advanced, so managing invitations, encouraging guest participation, and gathering opinions about the event afterwards is easier than ever. Many companies now use a customisable event app to help them plan and manage their events. Here are three things you can do with the app before, during, and after an event.

Before: Event RSVP and Registration

No matter what method you want to handle guests, an event app can certainly cover it. You can send personalised email invitations to guests if the event is private and you don’t want other people attending. Using the app’s online RSVP system, you’ll be able to know which ones have accepted or declined your invitation.

You have better options if it’s a more public event instead. You can set up an event registration system, where they can write down all of the information you need in a sign-up sheet. You’ll be able to provide registered guests with an e-ticket they can present during the event. If the event is on-site, you can put a seating number on the ticket for organisation purposes.

Another event registration feature you can utilise is an online secure payment gateway in case people need to pay to attend your event. Finally, you can add a real-time quota counter if you only have limited slots available for the occasion. Guests will see how many spots are left, and they’ll be able to reserve theirs before it runs out.

During: Guest and Audience Interaction

One of the essential things to do during your event is to ensure that your guests are engaged and participating. You can encourage guest participation and communication between them and the event runners by utilising live polling and Q&A features in your event app. Guests can submit their questions for you to answer, providing a form of communication.

You can also provide guests with a platform to converse with each other and network using your event app. You can offer an in-app chat room, so everyone can talk and comment on the event. You’ll also be able to participate in said chatroom, so you’ll be able to address any concerns if your guests have any.

After: Follow-Up Evaluation

Getting feedback and reviews of your event is the best way to ensure that your next one is even better. Using your event app, you’ll be able to send an email to thank them for attending the event and attach an e-survey for them to answer. You’ll be able to take these answers back to your team and figure out how to improve your future events.

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