A Guide to Getting a Car Air Purifier in Singapore

Many people already know the importance of getting an air purifier for your home, but did you know you’ll also vastly benefit from getting a car air purifier from Singapore? Whether you enjoy long road trips or use your car for your work commute, getting an air purifier for your car will positively affect your overall health. Here’s everything you need to know about car air purifiers.

A Guide to Getting a Car Air Purifier in Singapore

Why Do You Need A Car Air Purifier?

Roads and highways are some of the most polluted areas in any given town or city, especially if it’s a densely populated area constantly plagued with traffic. If you leave your windows open or use your car’s air conditioner, all the smoke and exhaust fumes from the other cars will go straight to you. Other sources of air pollution that may be damaging to your health include cigarette smoke, dust, pollen, pet dander, and odours. An air cleaner from Singapore can eliminate most of these pollutants, leaving you with cleaner air and healthier lungs.

How Do Car Air Purifiers Work?

While it depends on the brand, an air purifier from Singapore may have one or a combination of the following technologies:

  • A HEPA filter, or a high-efficiency particulate air filter, can remove 99.7{47beef4fa453f14f0944959b9bf73fa5db70c22fad4a70ee729750c6b8a1f449} of all airborne particles larger than 0.01 microns. These particles include dust, pollen, mould, bacteria, etc. It’s one of the most popular air purifiers for its efficiency.
  • A car air ionizer from Singapore works by emitting negative ions into the air. These ions are attracted to positively charged particles, such as bacteria, dust, pet dander, odours, etc. They attach to these particles to form bigger particles that stick to surfaces, eliminating the pollution of the air and making them easier to wipe away.
  • An activated carbon filter is efficient for removing smoke and car fumes and works similarly to other filters; particles get stuck on the filter until you clean them.

How Do You Choose Which Car Air Purifier To Buy?

If you like multiple car air purifiers, you can buy more than one type. For example, you can use a HEPA filter air purifier from Singapore for small gases and carbon. Meanwhile, you can also have an air ionizer to capture bigger particles. However, you can also find an air purifier with multiple purification layers. One example is an air purifier with an air filter, activated carbon, and a HEPA filter, designed to be layered on each other.

How Do You Use A Car Air Purifier?

A car air cleaner from Singapore will most likely plug into your car’s cigarette lighter. If that isn’t possible, bring a portable charger to your vehicle. These cleaners usually have different modes, depending on how strong or weak you want your purification. Make sure to turn them off when not in use, and clean them at least once a week to eliminate all the accumulated dirt.

Enjoy cleaner air and a healthier lifestyle by getting a car air purifier in Singapore. Neosys Singapore provides air purifiers for your home and your vehicle, so you can ensure you have clean air everywhere. Visit their website for more details.