5 Reasons to Get Full Health Screening at a Singapore Clinic

Never underestimate the significance of getting regular health checks. However, if you are a busy person like me, you might be overlooking your health due to your job and family obligations.

Many people perish because of avoidable or curable ailments, especially if not caught early. Here are five reasons to schedule a full health screening at a facility in Singapore as soon as possible.

#1 Preventive Care

Regular health screening is preventative medicine to seek risk factors that render you susceptible to various diseases. Moreover, heart attacks and strokes do not happen on their own. Getting full health screening at Singapore facilities is vital for me to ensure the risk of these diseases stays minimal. It lets me monitor my cholesterol and blood pressure while watching for signs of diabetes and obesity.

#2 Cancer is More Widespread

Experts have said three people in a room of ten can develop cancer. Moreover, it can be hard to determine who the three are. Therefore, I get annual health screenings to catch diseases early before they advance to where medicine cannot treat them. Colonoscopy and Mammogram are two examples of screening tests at Singapore facilities for detecting cancer.

#3 Prolong Lifespan with Early Detection

My doctor told me the survival rate for early discovery of malignancies is 80{47beef4fa453f14f0944959b9bf73fa5db70c22fad4a70ee729750c6b8a1f449} or higher. On the other hand, late detection drops the chances of survival from 50{47beef4fa453f14f0944959b9bf73fa5db70c22fad4a70ee729750c6b8a1f449} to 5{47beef4fa453f14f0944959b9bf73fa5db70c22fad4a70ee729750c6b8a1f449} for more aggressive malignancies. Hence, I ensure to attend my annual health check-ups since early diagnosis through full health screening at a facility in Singapore undoubtedly makes a significant impact.

#4 Healthy Lifestyles are Sometime Insufficient

Of course, eating healthy and exercising regularly can postpone or prevent primary silent illnesses and lessen the risks of other common diseases. However, experts have proven that even slender, physically active people like me that follow a low-cholesterol diet may still acquire any of these illnesses due to heredity. Hence, I keep my body in check through health screenings aside from visiting medical facilities for routine knee or joint pain treatment in Singapore.

#5 Aim at Specific Health Issues

My healthcare provider uses the results of my health screenings not just for preventative care. It also helps them manage current health problems. If you are experiencing chest pains or fast weight loss, full health screening at a facility in Singapore can help you identify the source and establish the underlying reason for your symptoms.

I advise you to get a full health screening at a facility in Singapore as early as your twenties. It is even more vital if someone in your family has these common autoimmune diseases. Moreover, your doctor may require further testing if you have pre-existing illnesses or other risk factors to ensure the risk of contracting said diseases stays low. My annual health check-up lets me stay as healthy as my age will allow me.

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