Commercial Carpet Cleaning: Basic Advice to Keep Your Carpets Shining

Carpets are a huge investment for your home or business. They add comfort and style to your space and can be a great way to add value to your property. Unfortunately, carpets also tend to attract all kinds of dirt, dust and grime, which can lead to discoloration and even mould growth over time.

Here are some commercial carpet cleaning tips that should help you keep your carpets looking great:

  • Pre-Vacuum Your Carpet

Before you start with any kind of carpet cleaning process, it is important that you vacuum your carpet thoroughly so that there is no dirt left behind in your carpet. The pre-vacuuming will help in removing all the dust and other small particles from the surface of your carpet, making it easier for you to clean it later on.

  • Clean The Carpet Regularly

When you have a business, there are going to be days when you have customers coming in and out of the store. Even if you have a store that doesn’t have a lot of traffic, there is still going to be dirt and debris on your carpet. It’s important to make sure that you’re cleaning your carpets regularly so that they stay looking great for as long as possible.

  • Inspect Your Carpet Regularly

You want to make sure that you’re inspecting your carpet on a regular basis so that you can see if there are any stains or damage that needs to be addressed right away. You don’t want to wait until a stain has been sitting on your carpet for days before you notice it and try to get rid of it – this will only make the stain more difficult to remove!

  • Use A Good Commercial Carpet Cleaning Product

Commercial products often contain stronger chemicals than you would use at home, so they’re able to remove more stubborn stains and dirt from your carpet fibres than standard household cleaners could ever hope to achieve. These products also come with instructions on how best to apply them so that they don’t damage your floors or leave behind residue after they’ve dried.

  • Choose The Right Equipment

Use equipment that can handle heavy-duty jobs and has enough suction power to get the job done. Don’t just use any vacuum cleaner! It may not have enough oomph to clear out all the dirt and debris in your carpets.

  • Use A Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners are a great way to get rid of deeply ingrained dirt and eliminate allergens from your carpeting. They use hot water and pressurized steam to loosen up dirt particles, which makes them easier to remove than traditional vacuums would be able to do alone.

  • Don’t Use Too Much Water

Carpets can be damaged by too much water, so don’t overdo it. You don’t need gallons of water or soap to clean your carpet. A bucket with warm soapy water should do the trick. If you use a steam cleaner, make sure that you’re using distilled water.

  • Use The Right Detergent

Only use cleaners formulated specifically for carpets, like Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser ($7). You should never use dishwashing liquid or laundry detergent on your carpet because both ingredients are highly alkaline and will ruin your carpet’s colour fast!

  • Don’t Overdo It

It’s tempting to try and get rid of all of the stains on your carpet as quickly as possible, but this isn’t always possible or even wise — especially if you’re using harsh chemicals that can damage both the fibres and the environment around them if they’re left sitting too long on top of them without being properly rinsed away first!

  • Use Rubber Mats

Rubber mats placed outside entrances can keep dirt and mud from being tracked onto clean floors. They’re also useful for keeping people from dropping things on carpets while they’re waiting in line at a counter or sitting in lobby chairs.

  • Use Vacuums With The Good Suction Power

If you have carpets in your home, then it is essential that you use vacuums that have strong suction power so that all the dust, dirt and debris get sucked out. This is because if there is too much dust or debris on the carpet, then it will get transferred onto your skin when you walk on it, which may cause allergies or asthma.

  • Pick a Professional Company

Consider hiring an established company with experience in commercial carpet cleaning. These companies have access to advanced equipment and techniques that will give you better results than an amateur would be able to achieve on his own with an inexpensive home-use machine.


For people who want to do a little research of their own, a number of commercial carpet cleaning websites offer tips on how to keep carpets clean and looking their best. And if you’re not capable of washing and drying your own carpets at home, there’s no shame in calling the pros. It’s their job to clean your carpets, after all.