You Must Know These Five Things about Black Pearl Jewelleries before Buying

Whenever the name of pearls is mentioned, we tend to think about white pearls as they are the most commonly available pearls.

However, nowadays various jewelleries e.g. necklaces, earrings are available in the market that uses black pearls and also, they are becoming quite popular too. However, before you buy any such pearl jewelry; you must be aware of following five things –

  • Tahitian black pearl

Commonly black pearls can also be called as Tahitian pearls. That is because these black pearls are mostly found in Tahiti and also its surrounding islands. Tahiti exists in French Polynesia and it is one of the largest export items.

Almost, over 55{77486d9119e5be11b51ba1bf2083cb42adb34355d1614e8815c79db902641e13} of annual exports of the country are due to this item.

These pearls are grown from certain special kind of oysters called Pinctada margaritafera, which are only found in this region.

  • How black pearl is formed?

These pearls are formed when a particle enters the shell of the oyster.  

To protect from various intruders, oyster will try to cover it with nacre. Layer after layer of nacre will get deposited around the irritant that eventually forms a beautiful pearl.

When the pearl is formed around black lip, then it will form black pearl.

  • Different hues of black pearls

It is not necessary that all black pearls will only be of black colour. They are also available in grey, green or dark purple colour.

If it is formed near black lip then it will be black but if it is further away from it, then different colours are formed.

  • Artificially dyed pearl

There are many artificial coloured pearls too available that can be dyed to form colour of blue, pink, green, champagne etc. but they are quite rare.

  • How to wear jewellery with black pearl?

If you are fond of black pearl jewelleries then you must remember the following tips:

  1. It is necessary to create little contrast.
  1. Women with olive or fair skin will be better suited. Dark complexion women must not prefer black pearl jewelry.
  1. If you have any white pearl jewelry then you can complement it by wearing a contrasting colour.