Day Shift Thought After Watching The Film

Day Shift told that the male owner was an ordinary cleaner of the swimming pool. In the eyes of outsiders, he had been working hard to raise and take care of his daughter, but he did not know that his hidden identity was a member of the Vampire Hunter Association. His apparent work was just to cover up his night activities. When the night comes, it is also the time for the man to start working. Catching vampires and obtaining vampire fangs are the source of his income. Click here to watch Day Shift online free. If you want to watch movies online free, you can enter here.

The man who works as usual is unknowingly in trouble. At this time, he has to face the retaliation of vampires and the conspiracy of some people in the association. At that time, he is in crisis all around. He must deal with all this decisively for his daughter.

The plot is not compact enough, so I always think about it in the process of watching. For example, in the first battle of hunting and killing the old lady, there were scenes of sunshine burning, but I did not pull the curtain to expose the enemy The villains always hesitate to fight. They don’t hold their hands every time they have a chance to fight. The anti physical flexibility of their bodies is only shown when they think about it, but is not properly used in the fight The middle car chase scene is also totally mindless.

Every time a motorcyclist has the opportunity to shoot, he just poses poss. I always thought that the tire of the main male car was bulletproof, so the enemy did not shoot the tire. As a result, the male leader blew the tire himself for crossing the tunnel. The male leader thought that the tire would be less and the car would be taller. Why didn’t he think of directly blowing the tire of the enemy car. Moreover, the vampire’s own setting is strange. It is not very lethal, long lived, and has strong resilience. However, ordinary thermal weapons can completely solve the problem. I don’t know how it has been rampant for so long under the management of the government without being caught and studied by the careerists

It’s a very cool fight movie, with the elements of vampires. But in terms of the plot, don’t think too much. Unexpectedly, the best fight scenario is the one where the male leader single handedly challenges the old lady (who is actually the daughter of the female leader) in the trailer. In the later stage, the group scenes of several vampire hunters when they destroyed the nest were wonderful, and the other fights were almost forgotten.