How Much Time Does The Lips Surgery Heal? 

When you go for some surgery, the healing requires some kind of weeks off to prepare yourself for the new normal. With the advanced technology now, taking much time off is not even needed from work.

To see how many days of lip surgery for recuperate (ทํา ปากกระจับ พักฟื้น กี่ วัน, which is the term in Thai) follow the below procedures of care your mouthpiece in the least expected way:

  • After the surgery, apply a cold compress for the first five days to cool the area and help you aid in pain.
  • Use a warm compress for five days; after that, use a cold compress for at least three months for healing and placing your mouth in a position faster.
  • In terms of diet, you can have one egg daily and eat non-veg items like usual.
  • Always clean your wound to prevent infection and check for blood or lymph stains.
  • If witnessing severe pain, consuming antibiotics and painkillers is the plus point. It takes 4-6 hours for the painkillers to work for at least three days after surgery, as it is one of how many days of lip surgery to recuperate.
  • Have massage therapy or try to do it on your own as it helps relieve the pain and your daily work activities. Massage the stitches and mouth as it is advised at most minuscule for six months so that the complex kidneys get softened over time.
  • Go to the surgeon after 10-12 days for cutting the suture because some sutures thawed remained there to prevent the injection or stink in the wounds. You can go to the doctor or use scissors to cut it out yourself.

Above are the listed points to recuperate your wounds and give an impactful relief to your treatment as many experiences occur after the surgery, such as swelling, pain, bruising, and infection. So to prevent yourself from these, take the days off for self-care and treatment.

In the end, the healing process takes 10-12 days maximum to recover, but it takes months to continue with some preventive actions, as you can see by the above tricks and treat. So you get the answer of how many days of lip surgery to recuperate takes as well as the actions that need to be followed by each person facing the lip augmentation.