Ten traditions and rituals of a Hindu Wedding

Weddings, in general, are a set of beautiful ceremonies that tie families and hearts together. Various rituals take place. There differ from culture to culture and are also based on religion. Let us look at some of the rituals at a Hindu wedding. 

The muhurtha

Hindus believe in auspicious times based on the star arrangements of the bride and the groom. The date of the wedding is decided based on the planetary movements. On the deciding day, the gauthra of the families are discussed. Gauthra is the family lineage. Hindu marital law states that the wedding can’t happen between the same clans. 

The Sangeet

This is a ceremony or celebration that happens a few days before the wedding. All the members of the family meet up and begin bonding. They dance together and even sing. Sangeet means sung together. 

The Wedding

The wedding takes in a mandap. It is a temporary structure used as a wedding mandap that’s decorated. It is adorned with beautiful colors and flowers. It highlights the wedding area. 

The Fire

The Hindus believe in gods to quite an extent. They believe to vow to stay with each other in health with the witness of the fire lord. Offerings are made by the bride’s brother wishing for the bride’s happy life. The offerings are known as Homam. 

Floral Garland Exchange

The couple exchange garlands as a sign of commitment and agreement to the marriage. Some cultures have an interesting way of exchange. Some ‘playing hard to get’ and other creative ways. 


No man can take a wife unless she has been offered to him. This act is depicted through an act. The act of the father holding his daughter’s hand and placing it in the hands of the groom depicts the kanyadhaan. The father may also pour water which flows from his hands to his daughter’s hand and into the groom’s hand. 

Mangala Sutra

The Mangala sutra is gold and black beaded necklace that is tied around the neck of the bride by the groom. The necklace depicts the Hindu goddess Lakshmi who is a form of prosperity and wealth. It is believed that the bride gets the blessing throughout the wedding.


Sindhoor is an orange-red powder that is placed in a dot on the forehead of the bride by the groom to show that she is a married woman. 


The saptapadi loosely translates to 7 steps. It is different in the northern part of India and the southern. The clothes of the groom and the bride are tied together and they take 7 steps together in the south. In the north, they go around the fire lord seeking blessing. This ceremony is just to establish a strong friendship between the bride and the groom. 

Red Dress

The groom and the bride dress in beautiful red garments for their wedding. The colour red not only signifies love, but also prosperity and fertility. It is believed to lead to a good start. 


All wedding rituals begin with a prayer to the Lord Ganesha. The Hindu wedding ceremonies include a prayer to Ganesha as a ceremony. They believe he blesses throughout and finds the prayer leading to auspicious times. 

These are only some of the rituals that take place at a Hindu wedding. They are also the main ones. Today’s wedding lasts between 3 to 5 days. They have the same rituals in different forms. The forms could be a creative influence. But, at the end of the day, all that matters is that the bride and the groom had a special bonding ceremony and they are pronounced husband and wife with everyone’s blessings

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