Finding the Best Hair Care Products For Scalp Acne

In a search for the best ways to get rid of scalp acne near the back where the bend in the scalp is and also at the frontal hair line I discovered a lot of practical research that shows not only what causes acne but also many of the different scalp related problems including thinning and even slow growth not to mention dandruff, breakouts, fungus, bacteria, mites and scalp sores and bumps.

The cause of almost all of these are called sebum plugs or excess sebum on the scalp which is referred to seborhea. This hyper sebacceous gland activity is caused by quite a few different reasons including age. When in the formative teenager years the body begins puberty and with that comes quite the flow of scalp and skin oils. These oils can gather inside the skin pores and hair follicles. Over time they will mix with dirt and debris, grime and even residue from other hair products. This mixture will form a hardened sebum plug that is actually over the opening of the hair follicle but also inside where it can seriously hamper the hair’s ability to grow properly by clamping down and squeezing off the nutrition supply that comes from micro capillaries in the blood. This sets into motion thinning hair all over the scalp. The clogged hair follicles also become the home for bacteria, fungus, mites and even yeast such as candida. These are almost always present on the scalp but when this opportunity comes they begin thrive un-ecountered down inside the hair follicles. This is how acne and stubborn pimples begin. This is also one of the main causes of dandruff and hyper seborrhea issues such as seborrheic dermatitis or eczema that is characterized with itchy scalp, flaking, yellow dandruff, scalp sores that can be open and often times oozing or weeping a clear liquid and many other issues such as waxy flakes or scalp gunk buildup.