Virtual Sign: 4 Simple Reasons E-Signatures Are Gaining Popularity

Numerous factors have contributed to the meteoric popularity of e signature technologies. In the short term, the pandemic has compelled individuals to view enterprise computing in an entirely new light. A massive shift towards remote work requires organisations to communicate trust digitally and across geographies. To validate user identities and systems, create tamper-proof data, and generate legally-binding e-signatures, a variety of people have turned to well-established electronic signatures. Here are other reasons virtual signing is still gaining popularity.

1. Improve Customer Experience

Facilitating positive customer experiences is essential to running a successful business, and E signature can assist with its state-of-the-art and user-friendly features. Electronic signatures make it possible for customers to electronically sign and return documents from almost anywhere in the world and nearly on any device.

2. Enhance Security and Safety

With a secure electronic signature, you will have peace of mind and less overthinking. While paper documents can be fiddled with, lost, misplaced, or damaged by unanticipated events such as floods and fires, digital ones are significantly easier to safeguard. Using a reputable e-signature platform offers robust audit trails, ensuring that only authorised individuals can access documents.

Electronically signed documents are more secure than paper-based documents, which can be lost, stolen, or tampered with without authorisation. With secure electronic signature technologies, a third party can’t comprehend information such as who gave the signature and the reason for signing.

3. Quick and Easy Document Sharing

Speed is one of the vital advantages of digital signing solutions. No longer is it necessary to print and mail documents to obtain a signature, a time-intensive process when multiple signatories are required. And with an e-signature platform, you can conveniently distribute your contract to multiple signatories in different locations and collect their signatures. Reading a document on a digital platform is much simpler because you can quickly scan and search for relevant information.

4. Reduce Unnecessary Expenses

Current economic trends have made cost reduction a priority, and many businesses are searching for products that can boost their return on investment. E signature solutions can save energy, time, and substantial amounts of money when paper, printing, postage, and storage are considered part of the equation. In addition, it eliminates the costs associated with human error and the absence of required information on documents. Processing contracts with such blunders can cost up to four times as much as contracts submitted without such errors.

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