What are the benefits of ants?

The ant world is unique and organized in a highly effective way to ensure the tribe continues to survive in harmony and cooperation of all individuals. The ant lives in organized groups or colonies, so it is primarily social. An ant colony may contain 12 individuals or millions of individuals. With each colony one queen or several queens, the main job of the queen is to lay eggs, while most members of the ant colony are workers whose job is to build a nest, search for food, care for children and fight enemies.

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As for males, their job is to pollinate fully-grown queens, to die soon after that. The queen and the male can be distinguished from the rest of the parish through the wings, and the ants are surprisingly strong. Despite their small weight, they can transport bodies that are 20 times or more heavy.

Except for very cold areas, ants live everywhere on earth. It is widespread in areas with warm weather. Some live in underground tunnels, others in dusty hills. Some species live in trees, or in parts of some hollow plants. Some ants may build their nests from the leaves of trees, and there are more than 10 thousand species of ants, most of which are of dark colors, such as black or brown, or rust color, but some are bright colors, such as yellow, green, blue, and purple, and the sizes of ants vary, so the largest ones are not Its length is more than 2.5 cm, and the smallest is about 0.1 cm.

On a different level, and with the advent of the summer, some homes suffer from the phenomenon of the spread of ants inside them, which is a source of inconvenience to home owners and visitors. While some resort to fighting ants by means of chemical pesticides, experts advise the adoption of natural means available in all homes, while chemical pesticides are among the most common means to combat the spread of ants in homes. Although this method is more effective in flushing out intruding insects from homes, these substances have serious implications for human health, especially for their respiratory system. So experts advise using alternative methods based on environmentally friendly and harmless natural materials, some of which have been reviewed by the German Gesundheit website on health affairs.

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Although the ants are considered one of the unwanted insects inside the homes, and if we searched the Internet, we found many ways to combat this annoying insect that often appears at inappropriate times, but what is new today is that there are people who prefer to raise them inside their homes. The following report highlights this hobby Alien of its kind.

On the other hand, many people are subjected to an ant pinch here and there, but we advise you not to be disturbed or hasty to kill her, on the contrary, thank her for giving you great benefit, the violent side of the ants, similar to the behavior of human soldiers in battles to a large extent, comes out members of large and black factions From termites, they feed on termites and live in sub-Saharan Africa in combat formations to battle, and then restore their wounded comrades and take them home to recover.

Also exciting, “ants like humans hate traffic jams and use alternative ways to get away from them.” This is the result of a recent scientific study published by the scientific journal Nature, where a team of researchers analyzed video recordings of thousands of ants during a mass movement experiment. These persistent insects scramble and are racing to move quickly between me, the source of food and the place of residence, which drives them in Sometimes to find alternative ways.

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Termites may be the cause of damage to some plants, but it is characterized by amazing capabilities that prevent the drying of agricultural lands and limit desertification, according to American researchers. To that, two German researchers discovered a type of ants that can grow coffee seeds and nurture them until harvest. Plants reward ants by developing cavities inside the trees so that the ants put their larvae in them and to be the queen’s residence, by Tarif, despite nearly a year for handing over the helm to his successor, the current president, Donald Trump, the former American president, Park Obama, is still very popular in The world, as he was honored with a special kind.