Weddings: A joyous occasion full of love and entertainment

Today, everyone wants a bit fat wedding. Many trends of a wedding have come in the market including, destination weddings, themed weddings, outdoor weddings, royal weddings and many more. People start preparations beforehand. Artists, florists, bloggers, entrepreneurs, marketers, caterers are a few categories of people who are approached to give the bride and groom their dream wedding.

People, nowadays, millions of rupees on a single wedding. The reason they give for this is that this day comes once in a lifetime and hence, has to be made memorable. People spend thousands of rupees on decoration only. They want the floor arrangements, the stage decorations, and the lightning decor to be perfect. Beautiful flowers of orchids and carnations are used in the decorations.

How do weddings take place?

  • All of the family and friends are invited. The closest ones are made the bridesmaid and groomsmen. Many times, the youngsters of the family are made the flower boys and flower girls.
  • The closest one to the bridesmaid is the maid of honor, and the closest one to the groomsmen is the best man.
  • Wedding showers are also organized where the bride-to-be receives a number of gifts from family and friends. This is organized weeks before the wedding.
  • A bachelor party for the groom is also held by his friends to celebrate one night away from the upcoming responsibilities of the marriage.
  • During the ceremony, the bride and groom take vows for having a loving and committing relationship with each other.
  • After they exchange rings, they are pronounced as husband and wife by the religious leader.
  • After the wedding, a wedding reception is hosted. Drinks, snacks, and sometimes, a full meal is served at the wedding reception.
  • Reception is the occasion when the bridesmaid and the best man proposes the toast and expresses his happiness at the wedding. The couple, after all the rituals, goes to their honeymoon.

The arrangements for weddings are started way before the date. This is because everyone wants their wedding to be perfect. People don’t want to lack behind in providing full entertainment and enjoyment. They go for services like DJ Niagara for a night full of fun.