What Makes A Good Sandwich According To Experts

Defining what a good sandwich is can surprisingly be difficult. After all, everyone can make an edible sandwich. But a good sandwich? For a sandwich to be considered good, it has to have all its elements in sync with each other. This is why many people would rather eat at a deli Fairfax instead of making one. Here are some factors that make a sandwich good:


The bread of your sandwich should support the main topping. In fact, some experts may say the bread is the actual star of the sandwich. But this may vary from sandwich to sandwich; a deli meat sandwich won’t need as much assistance in the bread department, while an egg salad or a peanut butter sandwich will definitely need a good-tasting and appropriately chosen bread.

Consider healthy bread options as well, such as whole grain or whole wheat bread with 150 calories per slice. Baguettes and ciabatta rolls, too, are good options for high-end sandwiches.

Main filling

The filling or the topping of the sandwich is definitely what should stand out in a good sandwich—whether you make them or buy them from a deli Fairfax. Whether you choose a roast beef or a grilled chicken, make sure that the cook of the meat or the protein is appropriate for the bread and the secondary ingredients that will come with it.

Spread and secondary ingredients

What differentiates an ordinary sandwich from a good sandwich is how the ingredients blend with its main topping or protein and its bread. Mayonnaise is a good, common spread as it can serve well to compliment the sandwich’s main protein—but it doesn’t stand out. Meanwhile, a sandwich that uses mango or ripe avocado as the main spread is surprising and mouthwatering. Of course, choosing the likes of salsa or barbeque sauces are good too, as long as they fit the sandwich’s main topping.

The secondary ingredients, meanwhile, should not just add flavor—although that is their primary purpose. These ingredients should complement the sandwich not just in flavor but also in texture, color, and contrast. An egg salad sandwich, for instance, should have secondary ingredients such as crispy bacon or lettuce to add color and crunch to an otherwise colorless and soft sandwich.


A good sandwich should be fresh—this means all the ingredients from the get-go should be fresh. It should avoid using ingredients that will make the sandwich soggy (for instance, tomatoes are not the best when not consumed fresh. Other vegetables can add flavor, texture, and color without making the sandwich soggy; bell peppers and cucumbers, for instance.


But while a good sandwich has all the right ingredients, it should also be simple. Sometimes, a good sandwich is one that uses only the right ingredients. As a rule, a good sandwich has maybe four or five good ingredients; anything more can be a bit too much. These are rules that good deli Fairfax establishments should be following in order to provide the best sandwich to their costumers.

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