4 Trendy Women Bags Your Collection Needs

A stunning handbag can fill in as work-friendly or complement a dinner outfit. They assume a larger part in deciding your design sense and forming your appearance. Bags are worn in either matching or complementing your attire. They are not only used to carry your stuff as well as add a beautiful aspect to your regular day to day existence.

To make a style statement you need to put as much effort into your bags as you put in your dresses and makeup. There are numerous types of bags available in the world. You can find clutches, satchels, backpacks, tote, and many others as well. While there are numerous options and only a few decisions to make, let us suggest to you these cute and chic bags for which you’ll be thanking us later. Continue reading this blog if you want to find out.

1- Chantaco Matte Piqué Leather Handbag

The first bag on our list is this beautiful shoulder slung bag. It is crafted with minimalist textures and pique leather. The handles are formed in knotted design and are easy to carry. This bag comes in two colours, black and navy and is best to style on a casual outfit. It is the perfect choice for your daily use since it contains an interior safe pocket and several practical pockets as well to keep your stuff separated in these compartments. Furthermore, these bags can be purchased on an astonishingly reduced outlay with Lacoste discount Qatar applied on the checkout.

2- Croco Crew Round Shoulder Bag

Your daily busy schedule can also be accompanied by this classic shoulder bag. The magnetic flap will secure your components when you’re in too hurry to close the bag. It contains a silver metal chain shoulder strap making it perfect to carry on your nights out as well. The round shape and black colour gives it a unique edge and makes you look trendy.

3- Classic Piqué Canvas Clasp Shoulder Bag

Created with classy pique canvas, this shoulder bag is a must-have in your collection. It is a dual carry bag and comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and a latch clasp, depending on whatever style you choose to wear it with. Moreover, it houses a pocket on the outer and three on the inside to keep your stuff from mingling. The crimson red colour elevates it to a luxurious feel and will work well when styled with a three-piece suit or grey blazer.




4- Women’s Anna Small Shopper Bag

This item is no doubt the favourite on our list. It is the best choice if you want to run your errands stylishly. The front is adorned with graphic brand lettering on a coated canvas. There’s also a detachable zip pouch to carry small size stuff like hand sanitiser, cosmetics, wipes or some go-to jewellery items. It depends on your choice, whether you want to carry it or not. You can pair it with your favourite outfit or hoodie to go everywhere you want.