Simple, mask-friendly Halloween costume ideas

Even the most prepared of us might be caught off guard by Halloween. If you don’t want to be caught without halloween costumes, it’s time to start thinking about it. Of course, wearing a face mask as your costume part happens to be mandatory this year.

Put on a mask and dress up like a masked figure

Choose a character that already has their face covered as part of their normal appearance. You may be the Invisible Man, a character from Watchmen, a character from Among Us, a spy, astronaut, fire fighter, mummy, or anything else.


Matching your mask to colours or patterns in your outfit is a simple method to help it blend in and look natural. With this strategy, you can still wear an easy, DIY demon slayer costume while effortlessly incorporating your mask, and you won’t have to buy anything new.

Make your mask the outfit

Purchase a themed mask that may be worn as a costume on its own. There are many different types, including pumpkins, frightening smiles, cartoon faces, and more. Simply slap on one of these covers and you’re ready for the holiday.


Your attire doesn’t even have to match for halloween costumes. Put on a wild, multi-coloured ensemble and dot your upper face with crimson face paint. You can disguise your nose and mouth with a green, red, purple, or multi-coloured mask, or you can search for a mask with a clown smirk printed on it.


Look through your closet to see if you have any flare jeans, turtlenecks, or loose-fitting clothes. Anything with fringe or floral motifs will also look great. Complete the look with sunglasses and a headband. A tie-dye, flowery print, or earth-tone face mask would all go well with this outfit and are rather inexpensive.


For this costume, you don’t even need a whole wardrobe. You’ll be OK if you have some great face-painting abilities and some black or white clothing. Face paint your eyes and pull a bony white smile on a black coloured face disguise, or vice versa.

Rock ‘n’ Roll

Almost everyone has an old band tee and some ripped jeans– just accessorise by layering all your jewellery and teasing some volume into your hair, and you’re ready to go. A black mask that has been been tie-dyed or embellished with studs or spikes adds an edgy touch to this costume.


Put on your favourite pants and a checkered shirt, and you’re ready to go. Put on some boots and, if you have one, a hat, and get ready to square dance the night away. While remaining on theme, you can hide your face with a bandanna. Plaid or checkered masks are popular and would be ideal for this appearance.

Animal in the wild

There are a plethora of animal-print masks available for purchase, so pick your favourite pattern to be your outfit. To complete the outfit, simply add animal ears and matching animal-print or coloured apparel. With this concept, you may be a zebra, cheetah, tiger, or black cat.

A doctor or a nurse

This is most likely the simplest costume to add a mask onto. To look the part, put on a white lab coat or scrubs and a blue disposable surgical mask.


For this very basic costume, all you need is a white sheet with eye holes cut into it. Create a spooky face by drawing a dark oval for the mouth. You can wear any mask underneath because it will not be seen to others.