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5 Contemporary Men Hairstyles To Get Stunning Personality

Hearing the term ‘hipster,’ most people can react sourly. The artsy form of ‘hipster’ hairstyles seems ridiculous in society. But the contemporary looks of men’s hairstyles emerge from hipster cultures’ realm.

A guy prefers the most trendy shapes and sizes of hair, which belong to hipster hairstyles. Men love this hairstyle because it suits any season according to its versatility. The perfectly combined hipster hairstyles bring sleek looks to men’s personalities.

Today, any upper Manhattan barbershop has standard and functional equipment to create this type of hairstyle for men. And these trimmed and neat haircuts improve the men’s personality.

Look at some modern hairstyles that can redefine a men’s look.

1.  Long Fringe With Short Cut

Do you need a detailed trendy look for your messy hair? Then you can own this trendy hairstyle. With this pattern of hair cutting, you will get properly textured and thick looks on hair. Both sides of the head will reflect a blended look. And your forehead looks adorable with the falling fringe. Above all, the modern barbershops create this amazing style on your hair with their professional efficiency. Therefore, you need to find a reputed barbershop to own this hairstyle.

2.  Spikes Along With Classy Quiff

Do you have a passion for spiky hairstyles? Then you can adopt this type of timeless spiky trend of hairstyles. You will be attracted to this hairstyle as most football celebrities have this type of haircutting. The specialty of this look lies in the management of hair gradients. This hairstyle brings a balanced and trendy look to men’s personalities.

3.  Tousled Undercut

To get a harmonic look, you can adopt this hairstyle. The men who love a little messy but balanced haircut prefer this type of haircut. With a fresh look, this haircut can fulfill the requirements of a mind-blowing personality. To get all versions of a tousled haircut, you can go to any outlet of upper Manhattan barbershop.

4.  Drop Fade Haircut

This is one of the best haircuts to change the evolving personality of men. This haircut’s sleek size and shape easily grab the crowd’s attention. So, you can be the center of attraction at any get-together party with this hairstyle.

5.  Short Crop Wavy Haircut

Among the crazy trends of 2022, this hairstyle is highly popular. The specific texture of this haircut conceals the flipping hairline easily. So, this hairstyle complements men’s fascination for stylish hair, and it enhances men’s amazing personalities for both formal and casual looks.


All the haircuts offer voluminous tops for attractive men’s hairstyles. Any upper Manhattan barbershop has the professional equipment and efficient barbers to appease their client’s needs. And based on the smart potentials of hair texture, you can be your best version with these hairstyles.

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