How to Set up a POS System in Singapore in 4 Easy Steps

Almost all food establishments and retail stores have a POS system for a reason. It’s one of the most valuable things a business can have when managing inventory, keeping track of orders, checking the statuses of tables in food establishments, and more. If you have a small business, you will benefit from getting a POS system in Singapore.

Setting up a POS system can be tricky, especially for those who need experience. Here’s how to set up a point of sale system in Singapore for your business in four simple steps.

1. Determine Your Store’s Setup

How your store is set up will determine how many hardware units you need for your point of sale system in Singapore. How many registers do you want, and will they use electronic cash registers? What types of payments will you accept? Do you need tablets, computers, or a different device to ring up sales?

2. Have a POS Expert Set Up Your System

The best way to ensure your POS system is set up correctly is to have an expert do it. Outline the features you’d like to utilise with your POS system from Singapore, such as inventory, employee training, storing business data, etc.

3. Log In and Set Up Accounts

Once your system is up and running, log into it for the first time. Since you will be one of many using the point of sale system in Singapore, you’ll need to set up an account for every employee using it, including managers, admins, and cashiers. You can customise how much access each role has to the system.

4. Set Up Hardware and Payment Method

It’s time to link your other systems and hardware to the system. For example, if you have a self-ordering kiosk from Singapore, ensure that you have your menu in the system and connect it with the hardware. Connect your payment processor to the POS, such as debit and credit card processors, and even online payment methods if you have any. Finally, if you’re using other software, such as employment management apps, see if you can connect those to your POS system.

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