The Workplace Place Also Requires Purifying The Air To Breathe

Air is an essential element to survive. Fresh air eliminates harmful dust and dirt. To sustain in life fresh air from nature is highly important. Not only home but also office requires purified air. Fresh air will help refresh the mind and reduce stress and increase happiness all around. Planting tree in the office is easy. The best plant for the office (ต้นไม้ ฟอก อากาศ ใน ออฟฟิศ, which is the term in Thai) is mentioned below.

Plants Suitable For Office

Decorate your office area with beautiful plants and feel connected to nature. Some of the best plants you can plant are as follows.

Snake Plant

This plant is easy to grow, and therefore the trunk is mature enough. The height is tall, and therefore it is best to absorb toxins and release oxygen at night. Watering the dragon tongue or snake plant once a day is enough. It can sustain in harsh weather conditions and sunlight, and direct sunlight from the window will not make this plant weak.

Deli Tree

A piece of Lily tree with white and dark flowers and leaves, respectively. The height is 30 to 60 centimeters. It is a dry plant that can help increase the air’s humidity, and watering two to three times a week is enough for it to survive. Near the office window, it can be planted where the exposure to sunlight is a cakewalk.

Monstera Tree

It is one of the popular versions of trees with beautiful leaves and unusual patterns. The height is one meter, and therefore the air purifier can remove formaldehyde. Three to four days of watering is enough for it to survive. This tree is fond of the sun and thus avoids keeping it in a dry area.

Red Moon Charm Tree

The red moon charm tree has a charming character and is quite unpopular compared to other trees. It can absorb the toxins that float in the air. The look is heart-shaped, and the dark green color will attire its beauty. It likes the sunshine, and therefore it grows well in that area.

The Foot Ivy

It is a type of creeper tree that can purify the air quickly. The leaves resemble a large and beautiful plant. It can absorb the toxins and eliminate the mold toxins that float in the air. The wood of this plant emits moisture. It requires moderate sunlight and is not fond of sunshine.

Bottom Line

Decorate your office area with a variety of trees. The workplace place also requires purifying the air to breathe in.