6 Effective Things To Do To Make Your Eyebrow Embroidery Last Longer

Since brow embroidery in Singapore is costly and semi-permanent, you must know how to take care of it. Maintaining your semi-permanent brow tattoos isn’t easy, but it’s not unattainable. Because it’s an investment, you’ll want to get the most value for money.

Whether you had eyebrow microblading or embroidery in Singapore, here are some practical tips to make them long-lasting.

1. Ensure your eyebrow design

Consult with a brow specialist about your preferences so that you can seek advice on the best shape for your appearance. Make sure you inform your doctor about everything you want before your eyebrow embroidery in Singapore.

2. Follow preparation procedure

If you want to make your eyebrow microblading in Singapore last, make sure you follow the prep advice. Before the process, they may instruct you not to pluck, wax, or trim. Your brow specialist will be able to design a brow shape that fits with your actual hair development.

3. Avoid any water contact

After your brow embroidery in Singapore, you should avoid having your eyebrows damp and let them recover for up to 48 hours before using any makeup products on them. Follow the directions of what you can only use to wash your face.

4. Utilise recommended cream

Eyebrow embroidery in Singapore will take a few days of recovery. Even though flaking skin might be irritating, you should avoid picking or peeling these scabs and let them fall off on their own. Use a healing cream on your brows twice a day.

5. Refrain from putting cosmetics

For at least two-three weeks after the procedure, avoid touching up your brows with cosmetics. Like aftercare of lips embroidery in Singapore, make sure you keep it clean.

6. Ask for a retouch

It is better that you return to the brow salon about a month following your first session. This way, you’ll know if your eyebrow embroidery in Singapore is good to go and if there are any adjustments needed.

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