Inclusive Institutional Catering: The 4 Ways To Achieve This

Institutional catering can be complicated because it is not what people think of when they hear these words. They often associate catering with lavish parties and sumptuous delights for celebrations. However, the institutional version of this thing seeks to feed people from offices, hospitals, and other organisations. They are also understated because the purpose is to provide nutrition instead of glamorous offerings.

Inclusivity is the key because it lets you cater to a diverse range of people. Here are some ways to achieve this and ensure everyone gets the nutrients they need:


What are the essentials for a healthy and balanced diet? Carbohydrates fuel the body with some energy for the day, protein sources serve as the building blocks of the body, vegetables give vitamins and minerals, and sweet treats satisfy your cravings. Do not take away one or two of these things because people need them to achieve a healthy and balanced diet to give them energy for the day.


People come from different backgrounds. One person might be practising a particular religion that prohibits them from eating types of meat, while the other might be undergoing a special diet plan for the sake of their health. In this case, know the demographics because it lets you know what foods to offer for your industrial catering services. You can prepare a survey or any other questionnaire for this.


Now that you know the demographics and that some people require a particular type of diet due to religious and health restrictions, learn to use labels and indications. You can ask the canteen catering services company to put something on the packaging to signify they are safe to eat, such as stickers, cards, and printed words.


If you are dealing with a minority or probably less than ten people that do not require an entire menu for them, offer alternatives that help them get their daily nutrients. You can ask the institutional catererto prepare personal meal boxes or a smaller bulk order to satisfy their needs. It is worth the effort because it shows how much you care about everyone.

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