Advantages You Never Heard of Buying National Health Insurance

National health insurance that works under full support and regulation of the Indian government  is regarded as India’s oldest General Insurance Company. Coming directly to the best part of National health insurance i.e. the claim settlement ratio that mirrors the priority given to customers to earn reputation.

The claim settlement ratio of National Insurance company is more than 100{77486d9119e5be11b51ba1bf2083cb42adb34355d1614e8815c79db902641e13} which shows the concern of the company towards the profit of policyholders. It is purely a government-regulated health insurance company established to serve the national population of India and meet their growing concern for increasing cost of medical facilities medical coming years,

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National Health Insurance plans is perfect for every kind of individual requirements like some people want a higher amount of sum insured, some want to get covered from critical illnesses, while some desire coverage for their children and spouse.

The national insurance company meets every health parameter of the customers through various plans that are designed for-

  1. Individuals,
  2. Family,
  3. business leaders,
  4. Corporate travelers traveling frequently
  5. students going for overseas studies/ employment and
  6. Senior citizens.

Let’s highlight some of the benefits a policyholder will accumulate after buying National health insurance-

  • Higher sum insured at cheaper rates of premium. Policyholder can opt between Rs 50,000/ 2 lakhs to 5/ 50 lakhs according to their medical requirements
  • Option to involve spouse, dependent child or legally adopted children and parents. A minimum rise of 5{77486d9119e5be11b51ba1bf2083cb42adb34355d1614e8815c79db902641e13} is given on the condition that no claims have been raised in a policy year.
  • Rise in the amount of sum insured up to a maximum of 50{77486d9119e5be11b51ba1bf2083cb42adb34355d1614e8815c79db902641e13} calculated on the sum insured.
  • Tax saving up to Rs 25,000 on the premium submitted for National Health insurance under Section 80D of Income Tax Act 1961.
  • 24/7 round the clock customer services for harmonizing the grievances of the customer and providing a solution.
  • Cashless treatment at network hospitals which are present all around the nation.

What is the range of medical benefits that are added to your National Health Insurance cart-  

  • Immediate Treatment of illness even if the policyholder is outside the boundaries of India or in a foreign land.
  • Medical evacuation if the policyholder is traveling miles away from their home under the supervision of a medical expert.
  • Emergency Ambulance and air ambulance charges are also bestowed for the
  • Organ donor expenses happened during the organ transplantation of the insured are covered up to specific limits.
  • Pre and post hospitalization expenses that bound to come before and after the actual hospitalization for the same illness.
  • Room, boarding, nursing expenses that are asking for the operation of the diseases
  • Cost of Blood, oxygen, operation theatre charges, surgical appliances, medicine, pharmacy bills, diagnostics, X-ray, dialysis, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc are covered that are mandatory during the treatment.
  • Treatment such as Allopathy, Ayurveda, and Homeopathy are also covered.
  • Maternity expenses including cesarean section deliveries and coverage is paid for up to 2 deliveries maximum.
  • Vaccination for Children up to a certain time period for one year or two.

These are some of the main benefits that are provided by National Insurance company. However, there are additional benefits unique to some plans, therefore policyholders are requested to inspect before moving ahead to invest in health insurance.

In recent years, National Health Insurance company has established an image of a pole star through the achievement of various award titles namely, Economic Times Iconic Brands 2018 and General Insurance Company of the year that earned a lot of attention and fame.

These awards and recognition are not the only frameworks towards the success but the customer service excellence of the company played a dominant role.

The process of buying a health insurance policy, raising a claim and renewing the existing policy, all the procedures depend upon the efficiency level of customer support service of National Insurance. The buying is easy where the interested person just has to visit the office of the company, fill a proposal form and submit it directly. The policyholder also has the facility of buying the policy online.

Plus, the claims made are addressed within a period of 30 days after all the necessary documents have been submitted within 15  days and the claim is authorized by National Insurance.

So, this was all about the National Health insurance policy and we can conclude the company has scored decent image in terms of everything whether it is coverage, credibility, benefits, customer satisfaction ratio, and related other factors.