Types of VIP London Escorts

Escorting is a source of income for many people. The VIP London escorts got into the business for one reason or the other. Thus, they can be classified into different types. Here are the types of escorts you are most likely to meet.

Material girl

They do the work for material gains. The materialistic escort seeks for symbols that uplift her status.

If you are looking for an escort who is knowledgeable about the wealthy circle, the material girl is the one. She likes to be associated with wealth and luxury. You will spot her with designer bags. The material girl is motivated by money. She will only go for items that are associated with the rich and famous. The materialistic escort only uses the best wine and dines in the best hotel suites. She also loves jewelry, accessories, and clothing.

Niche escort

A niche escort is one who specializes in a particular type of service. They are a bit costly than the other companions. Most niche escorts are strict on the rules and policies. They also have a monopoly in the business because providing a one of a kind service. Niche escort is stern on matters to do with scheduling, delay, and respect. If you are looking for a fun girlfriend experience, then niche escort is your to go-to girl.

Smart cookie

The smart cookie escort is brilliant. She is educated and makes good use of her talents to do great things. The companion is also business savvy. The smart cookie may be inexperienced in the escort business, but her intelligence and personality shine through. She is a good match for clients who want intelligent escorts.

Hardworking escort

The hardworking escort has more common sense. The companion is motivated by getting a better life. She is a hard worker and also provides her clients with the best customer service. She can accept any deal when it comes to booking but does not tolerate any nonsense. The hard worker is the escort you need if you want someone who will treat you well.

Rebel escort

The rebel escort has had the good things provided to her but still decided to go her path. She enjoys talking dirty, getting down, and being kinky. If you are looking for a good girl gone bad type of escort, the rebel is the one to book.

The convert

The convert escort is one who has changed her career from being a prostitute to a companion. She still has that ghetto mentality, having started from the streets. The convert is an excellent escort when you want to get it head-on without wasting any time.