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Benefits of using Clearabee Beebags for Skip Hire

One of the most certain tasks in your house is rubbish disposal, its accumulation will make your home unsightly, and it is also health hazardous. When selecting a disposal method, consider the convenience, responsiveness, and cost of hiring the service providers. The Cleerabee skip hire company will help solve the mess when you accumulate a large pile of rubbish, especially after house parties and special occasions, when decluttering or while renovating your house. Not yet convinced? Take a look at the benefits you will enjoy when you opt for this service.

Quick Delivery

The Beebags are delivered at your door post just when you need them, even after a short notice. If you are planning to declutter or move, this will be very convenient also when your regular skip hire service providers let you down. The Beebags can be located at your desired place in the compound for convenience.

Beebags are Available in Different Sizes

Irrespective of your rubbish disposal requirements, the Clearabee Beebags got you covered, whether you are working on a simple project or massive accumulations. You can select either a small, medium or large Beebag for whatever items you want to dispose of; additionally, there are unique options for hazardous items.


For those with busy schedules, you may find it hard to stay over and wait for rubbish bags delivery, however, the company can send the bags through the postal office, and you can also request them to drop it at a neighbor’s house. Most people don’t like to deal with tight schedules; you can plan a convenient pickup time with the company; only then will they come to collect your rubbish.

Disposal of most Waste

The Beebags are like a skip that you can use to dispose of almost all types of waste from building residues, tiles, soil, or organic waste. For the environmental conscious clients, you don’t have to worry about your waste filling up a landfill, and the company finds perfect ways to reuse and recycle your waste. If you are unsure of the type of waste to dispose of in the Beebags, you can always consult the company. Items like refrigerators and televisions are problematic to recycle; they need further processing, thus attract additional charges due to their hazardous nature.

You will Enjoy Fixed Prices and Loyal Discounts

Clearabee is the best skip hire service in the UK due to its fixed price policy irrespective of your waste. Pick a Beebag within your budget, and each category has a fixed price for the bag and removal services. The company also has a loyalty reward system, where you can receive a 10 percent credit on all prepaid orders; you can also do your disposal at high discounts if you use the services for long.

Convenient waste Collection

Most skip hire companies will require your presence during rubbish collection. With Clearabee, you don’t need to take your waste to the Kerb for collection; once you schedule a day, they will text you to inform of the collection time, then they will do the rest. The dustmen will pick up the waste bags even if you are away at the moment.


The Clearabee Company is the most convenient skip hire service provider in the UK, whose main aim is to offer solutions to customers on rubbish disposal. There are various online payment options, easy scheduling plans, and one can book a bag via a phone call. The company also aims at diverting ninety percent of what they collect from landfills through recycling to protect the environment.