Can Your Clothes And Shoes Bring COVID-19 to Home? What to Learn

Thanks God! There are no cases of COVID-19 transmission through clothes and shoes. Does it mean that there is no risk? People who live or work in close proximity of infected persons must take high care. Prevention is better in case of this infection. Preventive hygiene is an essential part of the life now. People engaged in social or healthcare activities in the lockdown situations must be careful about the possible ways of virus infection.

Are you doing best for self-quarantine? Max Fashion invites the girls and women to think about the better preventive measures. Nowadays, everyone seems frightened because of the quick transmission and spread of COVID-19. Only the preventive measures such as wearing face mask, washing hands frequently and using hand sanitizer are useful to stay safe. also helps the ladies to stay safe by wearing quality outfits and shoes. Get newly introduced Max Promo Code offering special savings on clothing, shoes, accessories and more.

Disinfect the Useable Items:

Is your home safe? After using the above mentioned practices, it remains a question. Check the doorknobs, doors, countertops, groceries, electronics and others. Things you frequently use may be infected with this virus. Scientists have reported that virus may remain active for a period of 15 days on the surface of mobile phones.

Minha Fatima, who works as a Senior Human Pathologist at University of Sussex recently published an article about the role of outfits, shoes, jewelry items and accessories in virus spread.

“Though scientists are still studying the mode of spread and action of this coronavirus but there are some understood things. We are living in a busy world with so many objects around. Furniture, currency notes, jewelry items and even the electronics at home may harbor the virus. All these things need disinfection before use. Ladies should be highly careful as they carry more material than a man” she added.

“Whether you are a working lady or a housewife, you wear jewelries, watches; carry Samrtphone and most beauty items. Sharing all these things with an infected person may allow the virus to land on what is with you. Be careful and try to stay at home in order to avoid infection” Minha suggested in her publication.

Buy Special Clothes For Outside Activities:

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