Choosing the Right Flowers for Christian Weddings

It is essential to choose the right wedding flowers that suit the bride and groom’s style and personality while enhancing the church wedding experience. Every Christian couple goes through a bit of confusion while picking out flowers and floral arrangements for their wedding day. From the bride’s bouquet to the centrepieces and wreaths, finalising flowers for the wedding.

Focusing on bouquets

The bridal bouquet holds a lot of importance for a bride, and there is no doubt she wants the best when it comes to her wedding. The bridal bouquets are prepared beautifully and magnificently with artistic designs that are truly breathtaking. Pink and white roses are the most common bridal bouquet choices.

Decoration arrangements

The wedding flower arrangements should be stunning, breathtakingly gorgeous and romantic – which you would remember and cherish throughout your life. To see pictures and samples of wedding flower decoration is a journey of wide-eyed amazement. The attention to details in every item created by a professional florist is evident and worth appreciation. Wedding flower decoration or accessories used are not just limited to decorating the venue but also for various other purposes. There is an option for the bride to use fresh wedding flower bouquets or silk bouquets with the latter being easily preserved as a souvenir or as party favours. The choice is personal, though most of the brides prefer to use the traditional fresh flowers for their bouquet.

Natural vs Artificial flowers

It is usually seen that brides opt for real fresh flowers instead of artificial flowers. Even though the artificial flower arrangements are beautiful and gorgeous, they can never replace the mesmerising scent of roses, lilies and other beautiful flowers. As soon as you enter a reception venue, the smell of these flowers embeds themselves in the memory lane, making the wedding an emotional, memorable and a fantasy fairytale that would stay with you forever.

Choice of flowers

Some brides who want to preserve their wedding bouquets often settle for silk flowers, but most always opt for fresh seasonal or exotic flowers. The choice of flowers would also depend on the kind of wedding that you are having. If you are having a traditional wedding, more conventional flowers would be used like roses, but if you have a less formal theme, you can go for bouquets of mixed flowers that make the reception venue more bright and lively.

  • Pastel flowers are the best for bridal bouquets, hand-tied wedding bouquets and boutonnieres.
  • For flower girl’s baskets, Corsages, and centrepieces, you can experiment with shades and different colours.

It is important to choose the right flowers for your wedding. While doing so, some factors need to be considered – the season in which you are getting married, the wedding time, and the atmospheric location. The colours you choose for your wedding flowers are usually associated with a meaning hence the theme for the wedding can be generated accordingly.