How To Make Your Arcade Machine Rental Business In Singapore Profitable

Despite the popularity of mobile and online games, which now have leagues on their own in the competitive esports niche, there are still people who still prefer old-school arcade machines and air hockey table sets in Singapore. Thanks to the show Stranger Things, as it brought back the arcade nostalgia, many have paid interest to these machines.

It also increases the potential of arcade machine rental in Singapore. If you are planning to buy multiple arcade machines and lease them for profit, here are a few things that you need to know:


There are different types of arcade machines to choose from. There are claw machines, coin pushers, shooting games, racing games, basketball, and the good old football table in Singapore.

How will you know which arcade machine or game you should buy? It all depends on your considerations. If you want to earn more, investing in claw machines and crane games is the best idea. They are the most profitable arcade machines.

If you want nostalgia, you should opt for vintage arcade machines, such as Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and pinball. You will surely get the attention of the older generation.

But if your goal is to attract younger people, you must opt for more advanced arcade games, such as virtual reality (VR) games. However, the console for VR games tends to be more expensive.


It is advantageous if you are the only arcade place in your neighbourhood because the market is not saturated. But if you have rival arcade places, make sure to assess them.

What are their arcade machines? Which of these machines has the most players? What do you think will make you stand out from your rivals? You can improve your operations by knowing these details.


You will avoid hefty charges if you ensure your arcade business. Remember, your asset is your arcade machines. Insuring your arcade machines and cabinets will benefit you in case they break or get damaged.

Insurance also protects your business if someone gets hurt while playing a broken arcade machine. It will save you money and legal charges.


Imagine if the most profitable arcade machine you have is broken. How much potential profit have you lost? It is crucial to invest in the regular maintenance of your arcade games. Also, you don’t lose customers who like playing specific machines in your arcade space.

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