How To Take Good Care Of A Disinfection Machine?

While it is true that our home protects us from heat and other types of weather, the air we breathe inside is several times worse than outdoors. EPA reported that indoor air quality is two to five times more polluted.

Improving indoor air quality is the only way to protect yourself and your family from air pollutants. Besides keeping every corner clean and using an alcohol-free disinfectant, many homeowners use a disinfection machine in Singapore to help them disinfect the air pollutants at home.

If you plan to get a disinfection machine soon, below are the things you need to do to take good care of it.

Read The Manual

Like other equipment, manufacturers always include a manual for all the models they sell. This manual contains various instructions that will help owners figure out how to use it, including cleaning care and maintenance.

Once your order of a disinfection machine arrives at your door’s steps, ensure to read the manual first before using it.

Never Block The Air Circulation

Besides reading the manual, you should place the disinfection machine in the right place. If you install it against the wall, it will hardly disinfect the air since the wall is blocking the air circulation.

Ideally, you have to place the disinfection machine in the middle of the room so the air sanitizer solutions can circulate well in the air.

Do Not Operate On Wet Surfaces

When using the disinfection machine in Singapore, ensure that its surroundings are not wet. Otherwise, its disinfecting process will become less efficient. Your home will be at risk of fire, and your family might get an electric shock if they do not notice the disinfection machine is on a wet surface.

Turn It Off Before Unplugging The Cord

If you unplug the cord of the disinfection machine without turning it off, expect there will be electrical charges that can damage the said equipment.

Close The Doors And Windows When Use

Guarantee to close doors and windows when the disinfection machine is on and wait another hour after use. Doing so should help the air sanitizer keep the bacteria and germs at bay, and your family is less likely to develop respiratory problems due to poor indoor air quality.

Always Refill It With Air Purifying Solution

The disinfection machine cannot disinfect the air well if it lacks an air-purifying mixture inside the tank. Make it a habit to look at its content before plugging the disinfection machine and turning it on.

Before ensuring to refill the air every after use, you should not just pour the air sanitizer solution since it can irritate the respiratory system when inhaled. As most manufacturers recommend, you have to dilute the solution with distilled water before pouring the mixture into the tank. The ideal ratio is 1:1, and mix the two liquids well before refilling the tank of the disinfection machine.

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