Lowell Farms Provides All Natural Cannabis

The cannabis industry is growing rapidly and California is leading the charge. Among the first states to legalize cannabis, it is consistently on the front lines when it comes to growing the cannabis industry. Already, numerous people are experiencing the benefits of cannabis and CBD. Research is coming out showing that cannabis can be used to control pain, reduce seizures, and help people control their levels of stress. Like other products, there are lots of options to choose from. Lowell Farms is proud to offer all-natural cannabis. This makes level farms unique in the cannabis industry, taking the industry itself to new heights.

Starting a Few Years Ago

When the company first started, they instantly struck gold using a viral moment. The appearance of its product was already popular, contributing to a media firestorm. This helped the local company grow exponentially over the coming months. Even though those who work there will tell you that it has been a significant challenge, the push has been worth it. Now, the company is endorsed by numerous celebrity fans including Usher, Bella Thorne, Miguel, and Lik Wayne. The farm to table allure of Lowell farms and along with its commitment to socially responsible ethics has made this company synonymous with the California cannabis industry.

Refined Packaging

In an effort to set itself apart from other companies that may produce cannabis and a non-natural or synthetic way, the company has changed the way this product is delivered. This starts with the packaging. Packaging of its core products is made in house and on-site. This has turned a flower that was once illegal into a refined product. The name of each product is printed using recycled craft paper, contributing to a division of sustainability. There’s also contributes to the rustic a lower that has made the company so popular. The branding almost looks like an apothecary, contributing to a folksy and homegrown charm. This harkens back to days which have long since passed, as Lowell Farms tries to shift the cannabis experience.

Natural Methods

The sustainable packaging goes along with a theme at Lowell farms. The farm system is proud to produce cannabis in an all-natural way. This means avoiding the use of pesticides, growing its product organically, and making sure that it uses ethical sources. This dedication has not gone unnoticed by its customers, who consistently praise the business and its unique, ethical, green approach. The ethics of Lowell Farms is at its core, contributing to its rapid growth and its reputation throughout the local community.

Treating Workers Fairly

In addition, the business is dedicated to its workers. There has been a lot of discussion in the media regarding raising the minimum wage and treating workers more fairly. Lowell Farms is proud to be on the front lines of the spite. The company pays all of its workers a living wage that allows them to provide for their families and a comfortable manner. This dedication has not gone on noticed by the company, which is consistently praised by multiple outlets as remaining ahead of the curve. Lowell Farms believes that everyone, regardless of their background, deserves to be paid a living wage. This dedication is represented by its actions.

Opening of Lowell Cafe

This unique approach as dedicated to the rapid growth of Lowell Farms. The business recently opened the first cannabis restaurant in the United States. It is called Lowell café and provides everyone with a unique opportunity to enjoy food that enhances the effects of cannabis. The dishes are even put together by a celebrity chef!