Piano Tuning Service and Other Maintenance Your Piano Need

Pianos require strict maintenance to preserve their exterior beauty and sound quality. Whether you have one at home or you are running a piano rental in Singapore, these tips will help you maintain your piano/s for a long time.

Humidity Control

Did you know that pianos are sensitive to humidity? Yes. Most parts of your piano are made from wood to create quality sound. However, since wood is sensitive to humidity, so does a piano. The woods of the piano may contract or expand when exposed to humid areas. In fact, piano tuning service must be done 2-4 times (every start of a season) in the first year of owning the piano to check the effects of humidity on the sound it produces.

It is recommended that pianos must be placed away from hot and cold surfaces such as radiators, ACs, fireplaces and more. Moreover, it is also important to have a humidity control system in place.

Piano Tuning Service

Like medical screening for humans, piano tuning service is the most basic and recommended maintenance for pianos. It is further advised to hire a professional piano tuner for this maintenance. Attempting to do the piano tuning by yourself may tamper with the piano warranty.

Preserving or Recoating the Finish

Preserving the finish of your piano is crucial not only to maintain its beauty but also to preserve the sound quality. Although it is just a thin layer of varnish, the piano finish can affect the sound of the piano when chipped or recoated wrong.

It is crucial to dust your piano from time to time. Do not let dust accumulate especially on hard to reach areas of your piano. It is also recommended to use a damp cloth without any soap or cleaning solution first, then wipe with a dry cloth right away.

Should you need piano tuning service or other maintenance and repair services for your piano, Steinway is here to help. We also offer various classical and autoplay piano models for beginners and professionals. Talk to us today!