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What About Commercial Carpet For Your Home? It’s A Great Idea

The carpet should last for around 10 years. Your carpet will begin to look worn and thin after years of foot traffic, household abuse (stains and tears), and normal wear and tear.

Although commercial carpet is most commonly used in business and industrial settings, it can also be used at home. Commercial carpet has a smaller pile and tighter looping styles. It is made with durability in mind and will last for many years.

Commercial flooring is a better option than traditional residential carpeting when it comes time to replace your carpeting. Here are four great reasons commercial carpeting is a good choice for your home.

Commercial Carpet Is Cost-Effective

A licensed flooring dealer will be able to show you different options of residential and commercial carpets that suit your budget. However, commercial carpeting tends to be more affordable per square foot than residential. Commercial flooring is built from the same basic structure as residential.

Commercial Carpet Lasts

A commercial carpet is also a good option for the home. It lasts twice as long as residential carpet. This type of carpeting is more durable than residential carpeting in a commercial setting that has a lot of foot traffic.

Because it isn’t subject to as much foot traffic in a home, commercial carpets can last longer. For the busiest areas of your home such as your living and dining rooms, hallways, or children’s bedrooms, consider commercial carpeting that has a flat weave design.

Commercial Carpeting Is Low Maintenance

You should have your carpets cleaned at least once per year. However, commercial carpets will require less maintenance than residential carpets. Commercial flooring is much easier to vacuum because of the tight loops and durability that trap less hair and debris.

Commercial carpeting also has the added benefit of being stain-resistant. This allows for easier cleaning in your home and carpets that last longer.

Talk to your dealer to have carpet tiles installed at your home. You can easily replace individual tiles if they become damaged or stained. This allows you to keep your flooring in good condition for longer periods without replacing entire sections.

Commercial Carpeting Is Versatile

Commercial carpeting can be a great option if you are looking for a particular style and color of carpeting. It is also more affordable than residential flooring and comes in many different patterns and colors.

For bedrooms, you can use a bold color carpet and a mix of neutral and solid carpeting. You can also choose a patterned rug (often used in hotels and conference rooms), to easily update your home’s libraries, family rooms, and other areas.

If your carpet is stained or worn, it will need to go to the dealer. Ask to see samples of commercial carpeting before you shop for carpeting for your home. You can choose a durable flooring option that lasts with many styles available at an affordable price. Ultimatemats.Com has a wide selection of Commercial Rugs and carpets for sale at very competitive prices.