Matthew Davies Looks at People’s Dreams That Predicted the Future


Dreams can be considered a manifestation of your thoughts that gain momentum during the subconscious state of sleep. Precognitive dreams or dreams that can predict the future are an interesting mystery. There are many stories of people having dreams that predicted the future. It can be described as having a very receptive sixth sense. Some like to call it a sign of warning by your guardian angels. In this article, Matthew Davies looks at people’s dreams that predicted the future.

The People

  1. Albert Einstein- The great theory of relativity was said to be inspired by a dream that the famous scientist had. The kernel that led to Einstein’s concept of special relativity came to him in his dreams, according to reports. In one of his dreams, he saw cows and a farmer who had accidentally activated an electric fence whereupon the cows jumped into the air at once. But the farmer told Einstein in his dreams that the cows jumped one by one. He realized that the same event can be described from different perspectives. This led to his formulation of the theory of relativity.
  1. Abraham Lincoln- Two weeks before he was assassinated, Abraham Lincoln, the then president of the United States, had a dream in which he saw his own body lying in a coffin. His consciousness must have broken through the space continuum and caught a glimpse of what was on the horizon or he might have been warned by his guardian angel to look out for any conspiracy brewing against him. Whatever it was, his prophetic dream came into reality.
  1. Joan of Arc- We have read of the story of Joan of Arc who was considered the heroine of France for her role during the Lancastrian phase of the Hundred Years’ war. She had a number of prophecies during her lifetime. It is believed that she predicted her death in a prophetic dream. How this comes through is a mystery and still unknown.
  1. Isaac Frauenthal- New York lawyer Isaac Frauenthal had a dream before boarding the Titanic. According to him, he dreamt that he was on a huge steamship that suddenly crashed into something and began to go down. We all know about that ill-fated Titanic on its maiden voyage. He had the dream again while he was on board the Titanic and eventually survived the sinking as he was alert to the danger.
  1. Srinivasa Ramanujan- A renowned mathematician, Ramanujan proved more than 3000 mathematical theorems, the insight of which came to him in his dreams on many occasions. According to him, in his dream, he saw a red screen formed by flowing blood and a hand began to write formulas on the screen. These stuck to his mind and he was committed to writing these formulas when he would wake up.


Mysterious but true, these dreams were moments of insight that went down on record. Precognitive dreams have no logic, but their truth has made us wonder about its such accuracy. Matthew Davies feels that such lucid dreams have a way of reaching out to us and should not be taken lightly or ignored.