When You Should Enroll Your Kids for Preschool in Singapore

Usually, preschools are allowing the kids around the age of 2.5 to 3 years old to enroll with them. However, there is no specific age for when a kid should enter the preschool. With this, the question is, when should you enroll your kids for preschool in Singapore?

The child’s readiness to enter preschool relies on his or her developmental factors, rather than the age. Your kid should be able to manage and behave well inside a classroom setting to make sure that he or she can be enrolled at a childcare in Singapore. Otherwise, your children might not find the experience fun and engaging, influencing their overall view about education.

Indeed, there are a lot of things you have to consider so you can be sure that you can enroll your kids for preschool already. Let us discuss some of them.

Dealing with Separation Anxiety

This could probably be the main factor you should consider as a parent before enrolling your kids at preschool. Is your kid ready to be apart from you for a while? Your child may know all the letters, shapes, and colors, but emotional preparedness should be kept in check as well. This way, your kid can enjoy the day-to-day activities in the preschool. If your kid is not comfortable in the company of other children without your presence, you might want to reconsider his or her enrollment. Transitioning to preschool can already be quite stressful for a toddler. You would not want to give your little one further burden if he or she is not ready yet.

Social Development

You know your kid is ready when he or she can interact well with other children of the same age. Usually, three-year-olds start to play with each other, which is a vital component of every preschool program. Your kids should be able to know how to conduct themselves when they are playing with others. They should also be aware of how they treat other children before enrolling to preschool.

Communication Skills

It is very important that your kids know how to communicate before enrolling them at a preschool. This way, the child can speak up and ask for help if needed. In addition, having good communication skills can help the children to make friends with their classmates.

Physical Development

A kid is ready for preschool if his or her motor skills are developed—like he or she can handle classroom materials and even understand how to use playground equipment. It is important to develop such skills before enrolling at a preschool so your child can navigate well.

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