11 Ways To Spoil Your Cat During The Holidays

For many homeowners, Cats That Dont Shed like to snuggle and feel a warm hand touch their skin remain a vital part of the family. They require adequate care, attention, and sometimes a little bit of pampering. It especially applies during vacation and free time. Consider the 11 ways to spoil your cat during the holiday season.

Brush Fur

Cats like to snuggle and feel a warm hand touch their skin. Getting a brush fur remains an effective idea since you have ample time to bond with your cat. The activity helps clean the fur and create enjoyment.

Comfortable Bed

A comfortable bed is one of the ways to spoil your cat. During the holiday season, you can expect the temperature to go down. A bed made of wool makes your pet feel warm and cozy.

Create Scratching Posts

You can pamper your feline companion by creating additional scratching posts. It gives your pet the chance to explore other areas where it could feel comfortable. You can create different posts such as upright, flat, and inclined.

Dress Up Kitty

Holiday costumes are a cute way to spoil your feline companion. You can go with the traditional red and white style or try out prints. Additionally, you can include cat ornaments to make the mood festive.

Give Kitty Toys

Part of keeping your cat healthy is physical play. Giving your companion kitty toys can stimulate their attention. Just make sure to rotate the items to maintain interest.

Offer Treats

Cats love eating tasty treats. You can make the holiday season interesting by giving their favorite treat. Another suggestion is to make feeding activity. You reward the cat for following instructions.

Get Subscription Box

In the holiday season, you can treat your cat to a subscription box. Depending on the provider, you get healthy treats, cat ornaments, toys, and other items that will make the experience worthwhile.

Make a Cat Tree

The holiday break provides a chance to make a cat tree. The design makes use of interchangeable parts where your pet can get to climb and jump in high ground. Your feline companion will enjoy their natural tendencies.

Use a Laser Toy

Cats need a lot of physical activity to remain healthy. Using a laser toy can keep your pet engaged and looking for more. The exercise also provides a form of entertainment as your cat tries to get its target.

Create a Hiding Spot

The holiday season can be a time for your cat to cozy up in a new hiding spot. You can decorate and make the space comfortable by adding cushion, toys, and other items to provide comfort.

Get Cat Pen

Finally, you can allow your pet to enjoy the outdoors with a cat pen. It gives a chance to get adequate sunlight and see the outdoors. Additionally, you get to feel confident as the pen provides safety and security.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the suggestions offer ways to enjoy quality time with your feline companion. The combination of activities, treats, and provisions all provide better ways for your cat to enjoy the holiday season. At the end of the day, your cat still needs care and time with you.

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