4 Signs Your Bike Needs Repair Servicing In Singapore

Bicycles are similar to every other machine. They help humans travel from one place to another and provide them with another means of exercise. Machines are designed to help people’s lives become easier by being tools for convenience. However, it should also be worth mentioning that they’re also designed not to be perfect. Like every machine, bicycles can either break or slowly lose their quality performance in the long run. Bikes need proper maintenance to function well, especially when you use your bike in the rain, on road grime, and in cold weather. These situations add pressure to the parts that make a bike move, so once they aren’t working, it’s time to get bike repair servicing in Singapore.

Before you find a bike repair service, you need to know the telltale signs that your bicycle needs repair. Paying attention to your bike’s maintenance will help make riding your bike more enjoyable, so here is a list of signals that your bike needs fixing.

1. Squeaking

If your bike starts to squeak during cycling events in Singapore, take it as a cry for help. Usually, you would have dismissed the sounds as a minor flaw, but well-maintained bikes don’t squeak. The squeaking might indicate that the chain on your bicycle needs some cleaning. A bicycle chain’s purpose is to transfer power from the pedals to the wheels. If this part of your bike produces concerning noises, then ignoring this sign might cause it to lose its function later on. To avoid this from happening, you must approach the sounds with concern and send your bike to repair services immediately. A new brake pad might be in order if the brakes are the ones producing the squeaking.

2. Dirty

An East Coast park family bicycle is cleaned regularly after use because keeping your bicycle clean is part of its maintenance. A dirty bike can cause damage to the drivetrain. A drivetrain holds all the elements used to push or pull the bike along. If you put off cleaning your bike for too long, its smooth functionality will eventually fall apart and cause mechanical failures in the future. In the instance that you didn’t clean it for too long, then the repair services will have to take apart the drivetrain to clean everything thoroughly.

3. Trouble Shifting Gears And Braking

When you shift gears, it’s actually easy to notice how smooth the transition is. If it doesn’t shift as well as it normally does, you’d know right away that there’s something wrong. Holding down the shifting lever until it works means you need to put your bike under repair servicing in Singapore. This will help get it back to its original state. The same goes for braking as well. If your brake pads are fine but have difficulty stopping, the cables will have to be replaced.

4. Rust

Checking your bike for any rust before heading to cycling events in Singapore will avoid the possibility of its machinery getting damaged. Riding a bike with too much rust in its parts isn’t fun, so getting that much-needed tune-up in a repair shop will surely bring back the enjoyment.

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