5 Common Office Carpet Problems Employees Face Today

There are many reasons why companies install carpet tiles in their Singapore offices. A few reasons are improved insulation, enhanced acoustics, and stylish interior design.

Carpets give us tons of benefits, yet tables may turn when you maintain them poorly. Problems with your office carpet may arise sooner than expected.

Here are the common problems with office carpets:

1. Shedding

Modern carpets from your carpet supplier in Singapore have fibres that can be pulled off when people slide their shoes on them. These loose fibres form a furball. Shedding issues are typical for a freshly installed office carpet. After a few months, the shedding will stop.

Regular vacuuming can resolve shedding issues.

2. Draught marking

Another reason offices install carpet tiles in Singapore is the carpet’s ability to trap dust and other allergens. Draught markings are the darker part of the carpet. Generally, the rag becomes darker when it accumulates tons of dust. Draught markings are usually found near doorways and vents.

Regular office carpet cleaning can solve this problem.

3. Matting

Matting is when your carpet looks thinner or flatter than its original appearance. The heavy foot traffic in the area and improper vacuuming give it a stamped look.

Proper cleaning methods and hot water extraction can bring the old shape back.

4. Fading

Dark-coloured carpet tiles in Singapore often experience colour fading. It happens when the carpet has been exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.

Blocking the sunlight during the day or choosing lighter-coloured office carpets would prevent and hide colour fading.

5. Buckling

Buckling happens when a bulge forms on the carpet. Excessive moisture and humidity due to improper wet cleaning of the office carpet causes buckling.

You can get rid of this bulge by restretching your office carpet.

Proper care of your carpet prevents these problems from appearing.

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