5 Steps Approach for learning English Grammar Basics

Learning Grammar is an essential step to learning Fluent English. If you are learning English or Teaching your kid, you must teach him/her  english grammar basics first, so that he or she can speak English Fluently. Whether or not you know the grammar basics,  there are few things that we forget while teaching. Therefore learning or teaching grammar itself involves practicing the basics of grammar. We are here to help you learn or teach English Grammar basics step wise step and help you get organized while learning or teaching your kid. English Grammar has various things and principles to make sentences that will help you speak, read, and write English correctly. Here is the 5 Step Approach to Learning English Grammar Basics for Beginners or Children.

Step 1: Start with Parts of Speech.

Understanding the parts of Speech is the fundamental step towards learning English. Every English word in the sentence can be classified into any of the eight-word groups that are parts of Speech.

The Eight Parts of Speech are as follows:

  1. Nouns
  2. Pronouns
  3. Verbs
  4. Adjectives
  5. Adverbs
  6. Prepositions
  7. Conjunctions
  8. Interjections

Learn each part of the speech to understand and categorize the words in the sentences. If you are teaching Parts of Speech to your kid, make sure you don’t teach them continuously all parts of speech. Understand the capability of your child, and accordingly extend the course. Give them time to grasp what they learned each day.

Step 2: Understand the Sentences Properly.

Real learning begins when you start identifying the words in the sentences. Therefore, the second step while learning or teaching English grammar basics for Beginners is learning the sentences. Sentences contain a package of subject, noun, pronoun, adjective, verb, adverb, etc. Recognize the parts of speech in the sentences, and associate the link between them.

Step 3: Learn the Phrases.

Phrases are fundamental units of the languages, we use phrases all the time. Phrases are the small groups of words to make some meaning. There are different kinds of individual words that perform the job of making phrases and sentences.

Step 4: Learn the Clauses.

Clauses are made up of two parts that are subject and verb. These are another unit of languages that you need to study to learn grammar and English Fluently. There are two clauses dependent and independent, dependent clauses behave like phrases in the absence of the subject.

Step 5:  Use a Sentence Diagram.

Sentence Diagram is made up of two parts:

  • Subject
  • Predicate

Sentence Diagram is an excellent way to learn grammar. You will begin to retain everything that you learned in earlier steps. Understand the subject and predicate in the sentences.

So these were the 5 Steps to learn or teach English grammar to your child. If you are teaching your kid, then you can use an interactive approach like watching media lessons, charts, pictures while teaching them to make sure they don’t get bored while learning as kids take some time to get the concepts of grammar.