3 Ways to Help Your Child Get the Best IBDP Results

The IB programme is a challenging journey for any child, though the opportunities it grants them make it worth it. Still, as your child completes their IGCSE and starts the IDBP, they’ll need your support more than ever. Many children can achieve more if they know that they’re supported by their parents after all. Here are three ways to help your child throughout the last of the IB program so they can have outstanding IB Singapore results.

1. Understand IB

You probably first read about the IB programme when you were still considering enrolling your child in an international primary school in Singapore. After all, you want to know what you would put your child through. Now is the perfect time to relearn everything, especially as the IBDP has different systems than its primary school equivalent. That way, if your child chooses to vent to you, you’ll have full context on how the programme works and, thus, understand them better.

2. Consider Getting a Tutor

If your child struggles with keeping up with their IB program, you can talk to them about getting a tutor. When offering them this option, you can help them realise that they’re not alone throughout their journey and that you have the resources to support them. When looking for a tutor, ensure they are proficient in the IB program and its curriculum, so your child can get the exact help they need and achieve better IBDP results.

3. Become a Safe Space for Their Emotions

Studying to get the best IBDP results is stressful, especially for teenagers. They have to deal with many other things on top of their studies, such as keeping up with their peers and maintaining good self-esteem. However, balancing all of these is easier said than done. If your child needs to let out stress, let them know you will listen to them if they need to vent. It’s crucial not to invalidate their emotions about whatever they choose to vent about, especially if it’s about the IB programme.

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