7 Tremendous Ways to Enjoy Stink-Free Shoes in No-Sock Season

It is the right time of year! Everyone must prepare to prevent foul odors and smelly shoes. With summer sneakers trending in the fashion industry and continuously rising temperatures, recommends going sockless. Collect the best sneakers with Foot locker code and update your wardrobe with smell-free choices. Do you know that offending smell or odor is due to the bacteria growing on feet? How can someone let this happen? Whether you select boat, flat shoes, or sneakers, pick the smart products.

Wash Feet Thoroughly:

Bacteria are growing on your feet. It creates pungent smell offending everyone. Wash the feet regularly in shower. Applying soap such as antibacterial products is also recommended. However, this is not necessary for everyone. Only the patients who have allergies should use it.

Change the Shoes Alternatively:

This would be highly expensive. No, we are talking about the utilization row. Use a shoe one day and wear another pair next day. Never wear the same pair for more than 2 days. This is a highly protective strategy. Avoid the consecutive utilization of your favorite shoes. This will help you to prevent the bacterial growth.

Use Talcum Powder:

Some experts don’t recommend this. Actually, there are specialized powders to prevent the foot smell. According to the scientific studies, talcum powder is a temporary solution. It would be great to get a prescribed foot powder. See the Foot locker store and select “Solutions for Foot Problems” while applying Foot locker code to order required products.

Coffee Filter and Baking Soda:

Are you fan of home remedies? People who have grandmothers at home are lucky because they know several home remedies to treat health issues. Baking soda and coffee filter is a great combination. It doesn’t require special budget. Baking soda is a common kitchen item and it is inexpensive too. Enjoy the coffee in morning and keep the coffee filters. Empty the coffee filter and fill it with baking soda. Place this package in shoes at the end of day. This package will absorb all the moisture as well as kill the bacteria to prevent smell.

Reseal-Able Bags and Freezing:

Clean your shoes and remove the dust after returning to home. Now take a reseal-able bag and place your shoes inside. Seal the bag in completely airtight condition so there will be no moisture inside. Place this package in the freezer for night. The freezing temperatures kill bacteria quickly. Remove the shoes from freezer in morning and these are ready to use again.

Charcoal Insoles:

Charcoal is an important item for beauty routine. It is a strong deodorizer so it has excellent ability to prevent smelly shoes. Removing the odor from shoes is simple with charcoal insoles. Buy these insoles with Foot locker code.

Sunbath and Shoes:

Place your shoes in the sunlight. Remove the insoles if possible. This is an excellent strategy to kill the bacteria. Just like cold temperatures, the hot temperatures also stop the bacterial growth. Repeat this strategy every day as it takes nothing.