How To Clean Your Wallpaper Installation In Singapore?

If you have kids whose past time is to draw doodles on the walls or a partner who is naturally messy in the kitchen, perhaps, you must have broken your back while scrubbing off the crayons on the wall and oil and sauce smudges on your backsplash every once in a while. Despite using washable wallpaper for your home, cleaning it could still be a nightmare task.

Here’s how to clean water-resistant wallpaper installation in Singapore without breaking your back:

1. Wipe the damp stains immediately.

Never wait for the sauce to harden before wiping them off the wall. Clean the stains on your wall using a paper towel, damp cloth or sponges. Remember, never use abrasive brushes as they could damage the surface; instead, use a microfiber cloth.

2. Remove the dust

Before splashing your wall with water, remove the dust first using a dry cloth or a vacuum cleaner. The combination of dust and water could result in a more terrible stain. Ask your wallpaper services in Singapore about the proper maintenance of your specific wallpaper.

3. Use the right cleaning solution.

People concoct their homemade cleaning solutions. It could be a combination of lukewarm water and liquid dish soap or laundry detergent. Some even add bleach and castile soap. The concoction rule is to only add small amounts of soap and bleach to your cleaning agent to avoid your wall. You can also purchase a cleaning solution from a wallpaper shop in Singapore.

4. Use dirt erasers

It is hard to scrub off crayons and permanent ink off the wall. You can use acetone to remove doodles from your wallpaper. If your wallpaper is sensitive, you can purchase dirt erasers from wallpaper services in Singapore.

5. Iron the grease

Grease is a typical stain on your backsplash. Put a paper towel on the grease spot and place a heated iron over the paper towel. The paper would absorb the melted oil.

Try these tips and never break your back again whilst cleaning your wall.

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