What To Consider When Buying From A Phone Accessories Shop

Buying a case for my phone and MacBook wasn’t as simple as I thought. I had a particular design in mind, which was minimalistic with a modern style, but I realised that I could not base my judgement on the look of it alone. I had to ensure that it would at least cover other beneficial factors while still looking how I wanted it to. Upon finding a phone accessories shop that also provided MacBook cases, I checked the given descriptions for each of the items available to see if they matched my expectations. It took me a while to consider everything written on the website, but I eventually chose the cases that felt the most fitting for what I was specifically looking for. They were delivered to me after a few days, and I could check the quality properly.

Phone Case

The iPhone 13 Pro case I bought is called ‘Transforma’, and the name was probably taken from the fact that it has a built-in phone stand. The back of the phone case can be pulled and folded into a stand depending on whether you want your phone in landscape or portrait view. This makes the case convenient, saving money that would have been spent on buying an attachable phone stand. I can also attach a lanyard to the case, so I don’t have to worry about it accidentally dropping to the ground or getting snatched from my hand without warning. I was looking for convenience regarding my desired phone case, so I’m glad this one satisfied my expectations.

The next thing I needed to take into consideration was the durability of the case. This is my number one requirement, and I was hoping the case I bought wouldn’t disappoint me. Once I inspected the phone case, the material it was made of felt sturdy enough to lessen my concerns of it possibly breaking after only one instance of it falling. Seeing as the case survived and got certified by the 6ft drop test, it most likely can withstand any situation that could cause it to fall from my hold. It also has a linear corner defence which gives it the ability to maximise shock absorption.

Aside from the main requirements, the design is simple, and it isn’t too bulky when I put it inside my pocket.

MacBook Case

For my Macbook case, I picked out a case called ‘Venture’, which didn’t have an actual design besides a frosted transparent cover. I liked the simplicity of it since it was pleasing to the eyes. This case interested me the most because the site offered a lot of good key points that seemed to check my boxes. One of the things written in its description was that it had a strong polycarbonate moulded with a shock-absorbing bumper. This gives it two layers of protection against dents, bumps, and scratches.

Another feature it had was that it was light in weight. Despite having two layers of protection, the MacBook cover didn’t add to the heft of the laptop itself, and it was easy to carry the device without straining my hand. There were also rubber feet included at the bottom of the case, which helped with giving the Macbook a means of cooling off.

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