Doing My Part – 4 Helpful Tips When Avoiding Conflict With A Stay In Nanny

Being a husband means taking care of my wife after she has given birth because her mind and body are currently adjusting after the overwhelming operation. We are happy to have finally met our lovely child, but things are challenging because she is recovering, and I have to undertake a few responsibilities. One of them was to hire a nanny in Singapore, and here are some of the things I did to ensure no conflict would arise in the household:


The first and most important tip I will share is to choose someone you like, and how do you know someone will mesh well with you? It depends on the features you are looking for because we have different preferences. In my case, I wanted someone independent and a self-starter because I was not home all the time to correct their mistakes or tell them what to do. Also, I preferred my stay in nanny in Singapore to be knowledgeable in their profession, so I asked them a few things to confirm if they were fit for the job.


I am a firm person who did not seek a confinement lady recommendation from my close friend, who welcomed their first child recently. My point is that I am someone who knows what he wants, but also understanding because I try to relate to people or know where they are coming from when it comes to their ideas and beliefs. When I had a minor misunderstanding with the nanny, I did not let my emotions get ahead of me while standing my ground and understanding them. It is about communication, and you need to realise that.


Gladly, I was fortunate enough to have someone over whom I had no issues because we communicated before finalising their job at my home. Those who are currently struggling or have a few problems with their nanny services in Singapore need to have a sense of transparency. First, there is no point in lying because it only brings more harm than good. If you have something to tell them, do so because they need constructive criticism and feedback to improve their work. Also, do not worry too much about breaking their feelings because there are many ways to make your statements harmless.


I am utterly disgusted with people who try to illicit relationships with the wrong people because all they think about is themselves or any other force that fuels their desire to do it. That may be blunt, but what I always keep in mind is to avoid these kinds of relationships because they break things. I respected boundaries because I wanted to keep the nanny services safe and professional to ensure my household was free from those kinds of drama. There is no time and place for those things, and people hiring nannies should know that.

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