Characteristics of satellite TV

When Satellite TV was first introduced in the year 1982 the most common problem faced by its subscriber that it stops working whenever it storms. But after then it has updated it and comes a long way. According to research, it has been found out that among 30{d758bea15a7466bf6aaf2e75080f34ed49ceb83a76468a28ea6d69025fc70106} of the household of us have installed satellite television why the other 70{d758bea15a7466bf6aaf2e75080f34ed49ceb83a76468a28ea6d69025fc70106} are stick to cable television. Let’s discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of satellite TV.

Dish sizes

Satellite television was first introduced it required a signal which can be obtained through large dishes as will be able to pick up the signals from various satellites. But with the advent of time, the size of such dishes become much smaller in size so that they can easily be installed on your rooftop to get the best signal to your television. Also nowadays the dishes are less costly because they have now become stationary.

Better picture quality

If we talk about the picture quality then it has been found out that satellite TV service provider is known for offering high-definition picture quality and that is why they are known for offering a better quality of picture and superior to cable television. It is so because satellite TV is known for delivering direct signals transmitted to your house and you will be able to enjoy better picture quality at your home television. As compared to cable television satellite TV are also a very convenient option as they have to receive a signal from dish only whereas cable TV has made up from use string wires which get signals from the herb situated far away and hence they offer poor picture quality.

More choices

Satellite TV is known for transmitting signals from the station around the earth which means that you will be able to receive the signal from any station with which your satellite company has a contract. That is why it is said that while installing satellite TV you will be able to have a wide range of channel options which is not been able to offered by cable TV companies.

Bundling services

The satellite TV service provider also helps you a lot to save a lot of amount on your monthly bill by offering boarding services. Most of the satellite TV service providers in the US market have offered various other products along with their satellite TV services. This company are is known for offering additional services like internet connections and telephone services in single bundle services and offer a huge promotional discount in their bundling services that helps you to save a good amount on your monthly bill.

Disadvantages of cable TV

Most of the US presidents have subscribed to cable TV to enjoy their leisure time freely by watching their favourite shows in their living room with their loved ones. In recent years cable television has gained use popularity. But along with providing various advantages to its subscriber’s cable television have also come up with several disadvantages that make it irrelevant for the user.

Package deals

Most of the cable TV service providers in the US market offered package deals to their subscribers. Under their package deals, they have included home phone services, internet services and cable TV services. This means that you need to pay for all the services under a single bill whether you use it or not. However, if any interruption in any of the services may occur all the other services also get interrupted and in the long run, you have to suffer from financial disadvantage.

Lower quality

Most of the subscribers of cable television are not been able to enjoy high definition picture quality e in their programs. The lower picture quality is considered to be the biggest drawback of cable television service providers. Most of the customers are on Plasma TVs and expensive LCD TVs and despite that, they will not be able to enjoy desired picture quality to watch their favourite show because of the lower quality of pictures provided by cable TV service providers. The table TV companies include so many high definition channels in their limited bandwidth which reduces the picture quality of the channel and you will not be able to experience high-definition programming.

Less variety

The cable TV service provider is known for offering Limited channels and shows to the viewers and thus they will not be able to enjoy a wide range of channel options provided by satellite TV service providers. Cable TV is not been able to telecast live events and shows so you will unable to watch your favourite streaming videos or favourite shows on your television.